Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Favorites: February 15, 2013

Shapewear Leggings (

I love these leggings so much, that I've already ordered another pair! These black leggings have built in shape/control wear. So it creates a really smooth silhouette when you wear them. I've never constantly worn spanx or any kind of shape wear, but I really love how it gives my body and outfits an extra umph. The fabric of the leggings is also very strong, which helps prevent wear and tear in the inner thighs. 
7004 (smoke) Derek Cardigan Glasses (

I picked up these glasses on their free frames event! Clearly Contacts always has great promotions and also great selection. I recommend buying from their site, but only if youre okay with not being able to see how it looks on you.

I've always wanted the ray ban versions, so these glasses fit right into my budget. I also originally wanted them in black but were all sold out. I'm actually glad I got the gray ones because they are still dark but not too harsh on my face/skin.

I have terrible vision so I wear contact lenses all the time. I'm happy to finally have a pair of frames I like and can wear out in public. I'm also trying my best to not wear circle lenses because it makes me not like the way my face naturally looks. So these glasses are a great transition into getting used to my natural eye color.

Veronica Lipsticks: Boyfriend Stealer, Ronnie Red (MAC Cosmetics)

The one thing I love about MAC cosmetics are the limited edition collections that come out. I used to love collecting certain pieces from each collection...even if I didn't use the product that much.
But I havent been that excited for an upcoming collection until the Archie Comics collection!

I have been a huge Archie comics fan since I was 9 years old. My fourth grade teacher would let us read hers and she had some dating back to the 70's! I would read them in class, hidden in the cubby of my desk. So when I heard of this collection, I almost fainted!

Sadly I couldn't grab everything because it wasn't in my budget (and I knew I wouldnt wear all of it). I wasn't all too excited about all the colours they've chosen but I made sure to grab some lipsticks because it is my favorite thing to wear. I feel like they really customized the Betty colors for fair skinned people, so the Veronica lipsticks suited me more. 

I am absolutely in LOVE with Boyfriend Stealer, because I love darker colors. I know I may not have a ton of places to wear this one, but I couldn't let it go. I also have quite a few red lipsticks (and I don't even think they look that great on me) but Ronnie Red looked to iconic! It is a lot more blue than my nautical mac one, so coodos to that!

Floral Bodycon Dress (

This dress is on sale for $30 at and something about it is calling me! I haven't ordered it yet because I'm still not sure...I never wear prints or something so form fitting. But something about this dress would look so nice on the cruise I'm taking or out to dinner with my boyfriend. 
Chelsea Boots (Little Burgundy)

Did I save the best for last? YES I DIIIIID.
I've been looking for a flat pair of black chelsea boots for months! The ones I've found have either been too expensive, the wrong material or none of my sizes. 

I was browsing on before class and saw these bad boys on sale and in my size! I think I hardly caught my breath before I ordered them. I don't know how impulsively I bought these but I'm trying not to think about it. 

I actually don't have a single pair of ankle boots, (and I really needed them last week) so theyre a great coveted addition to my wardrobe :D 


  1. Both the glasses and lipstick look fantastic on you!

  2. Nice purchases! I bought a pair of $40 chelsea boots from Etsy, handmade and real leather and I <3 'em.