Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Favorites: November 23, 2012

Snowflake leggings - Inspire by Newlook

If you guys don't know, winter is my favorite season. Even when it gets all slushy and gross, I still love the cold weather and the snow. These leggings get me so hyped up for the upcoming season and they are also perfect for an upcoming ski trip I'm taking. I actually don't do winter sports but I'm hoping to pick up snowboarding this winter. Either way these leggings would look so cute with uggs and a large sweater, in front of a fire place with hot chocolate. I can't wait!

This accessory is definitely a far stretch from my usual style, but after I saw an outfit on (my favorite new tv show) The Mindy Project, I was in love! You will definitely see an outfit post featuring this neck tie, a crisp dress shirt and a cute cardigan. 

OUI/NON Belt - ASOS Curve (Sold out)

I'm pretty sure I snagged the very last one, but no regrets or apologizes because I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS BELT. It reminds me of the famous Moschino Belt but really affordable ($18). This is probably the most unique thing I own in my wardrobe right now, I'm actually obsessed with it. I tried this belt on with my new leather skater skirt and they went together like turkey and stuffing!

(This outfit is another story because I am in love with this look, and I don't even have anywhere to show it off! This is perfect because it showcases the belt and the bow tie!)

Wine Skater Skirt - ASOS Curve 

I've been dying for this skirt for weeks now. As much as I love skater skirts, I actually don't have a proper one (my cotton skirts can really dress down an outfit). The wine color would also be different for my wardrobe, although I'm also contemplating on getting the black one too. My boyfriend did purchase this for me this week, so I'm going crazy for it to come in so I can style it. 

**thanks to 25% off event, I ended picking up the black one as well. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

How Michelle Styles Doc Martens (Part Two)

Here is the 2nd outfit to my "How I style Doc Martens" series! 
This outfit is also featuring my black docs (I have two pairs, and I believe amanda has three or four). This was my way to show how I wear Docs with something "dressier" like a skirt! 

This outfit is still very casual and falls into the "wintery" theme. If you'd like to see Docs paired with a dress, check out Amanda's (Part Three) post. 
This is another example of using Docs as an unexpected twist to an outfit. A skirt and cardigan can easily be paired with tall riding boots or loafers, but Docs always do a great job of adding edge to any outfit. 

Later on, while I was combing through the pictures. I felt like this outfit could have been done without the socks. It would've made it look a bit dressier and make my legs look longer. Small touches with acessories really make or break an outfit. I can also tell this outfit definitely need MORE accessories. I was in a bit of a rush and forgot to put on any jewelry (but to be honest I haven't fussed with any in a few weeks). 

Michelle's (Doc Marten) Tips:
 "The more you wear it, the nicer they will look!"
Doc Martens actually look better the longer you own them. The wearing in the leather will look more vintage (and also more comfortable)
But this doesn't mean you shouldn't take care of them like any other boot
- Make sure you are using a water resistant protectant spray on your Docs (at least once a week/or less if you don't wear them as often)
- Doc's can still get dinged up and the color scratched off (the leather). So even though they are heavy duty, treat them like you would a pair of riding boots.
- Canadian weather + driveway salt can really fuck up your boots in the winter. I haven't had a lot of damage done to my Doc's in the winter because when I notice salt stains I take a wet cloth and just rub them off. 

Outfit Details: 
Cardigan -
White scoop neck tshirt - Old Navy
Skirt - Asos Curve
Tights -
Socks - H&M
Doc Martens - CNE (The Ex Fair)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

SailorsloveFloral's Mid-Autumn Sale!

As you guys may know, Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be coming up this weekend. Amanda and I decided to join in on the fun by holding our shop's first sale! 

Starting Friday November 23, 2012 everything in our shop will be 20% off!
Just remember to use the discount code: SLF20OFF at your checkout and receive some wonderful savings on fabulous items. 

Amanda and I have also added many new items, so don't forget to check them out!
But don't take too long because the sale ends on Monday November 26, 2012.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How Amanda Styles Doc Martens (Part Two)

This is my second outfit for our How We Style Doc Martens series. You can check out our older posts here and here!
So, I figure I should tell the story of how I got this lovely pair of boots. Similar to my floral Docs, I purchased this pair on complete impulse - one of those browsing-on-Ebay-at-4am kind of nights. I won the auction, and was excited. This was double-trouble for my bank account, paired with the fact that I was still relatively new to online shopping (recently getting my first credit card) and not understanding of how customs worked. Long story short, I ended up paying $30-something in customs fees, after several phone calls to understand why, and it made me sad. Looking back, I also didn't bother to check if they were even authentic Doc Martens (not so much for the brand name itself, but rather the high quality that makes these boots worth their cost). Go me!

It's really hard to not stand-out while wearing pink and white printed Doc Martens (did I mention the pink portions are actually a faux-suede material that's soft to the touch?!) - so I generally dress more funky when I break out these badboys, while still maintaining an overall cohesive look. I bought this black cotton dress from H&M for exactly that purpose - balancing out my crazy accessory/shoe collection. My tights are from American Apparel's opaque collection, and though kind of pricey, they are totally worth it. On top of everything, I threw on this over-sized, almost Sailor-Captain style cardigan that I picked up at Value Village a while ago. It's so big and cozy and perfect for sitting around the campfire - or taking outfit pictures in your background when it's minus two degrees, and Tobi is laughing at you from the comfort of her winter coat. Those kinds of moments.

So remember, when buying Doc Martens online (don't make Amanda's mistakes!):
  • Definitely look online if you're into more unique styles/colours that malls won't carry - most stores I've seen carry only solid colours in leather, along with some floral prints.
  • Have an idea of your size/comfort level with these boots beforehand (they take some getting used to!). You can always try a pair on at the store to confirm that they're for you.
  • Buy from a reliable source - make sure the seller on Ebay has a high percentage of positive feedback, and has sold other items in the past. It's common sense, but can save you a lot of drama!
  • Make sure the seller is clear on the condition of the shoes - if they've been worn, if it includes a box, all these items can affect value and you should have an idea of what you're buying before receiving your shipment.
  • Finally, it's difficult to know exactly what customs fees you'll run into (depends on where you live, where your Docs are coming from, how much the item was worth, how much it weighs, etc.) but it's good to expect them and do some reading. Here's some information I found for Canadians to get you started.
Have a great Tuesday! Let me know what you'd style these lovely Doc Martens with, I'm curious to hear your take on it! 35 days until Christmas, and two weeks until my university classes are officially over! Exclamation points!

Excitedly yours,


Outfit Details:
Circle Scarf - H&M
Oversized Cardigan - thirfted
Black Dress - H&M
Pantyhose - American Apparel
Leg Warmers - Bluenotes
Doc Martens - Ebay
Earrings - Forever 21

Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Favourites - November 16, 2012

YAY FRIDAY. Here's some stuff that I loved/lusted over this past week. 

  Grabauskas Circle Scarf (via Little Burgundy)
I bought this scarf on impulse while waiting at the mall, and I'm currently obsessed with it, and wearing it now, as I have been for the past two weeks. It keeps me warm on depressing November mornings, and doubles as a travel pillow for napping on the bus!

I know this is kind of an obvious, not ground-breaking choice. But I only realized how awesome this mascara was until I ran out of my third or fourth tube and decided to try out Revlon's  The Colossal Volum' Express (why do all these mascaras have such extravagant names?) instead. However, nothing compares to LashBlast in terms defining and lengthening, and my current Revlon mascara didn't even last very long. "You don't know how much you love something until it's gone." and I've learned to never stray from my all-time beauty favourites.

Why are these only up to a size UK8 left!? (Michelle saw my drafting this and texted me to let me know that a UK8 is actually comparable to my size US10, so now I'm running out of reasons to not spend money). Main point is that I'm really loving the platform/flatform look, especially with pretty skirts and coloured tights! Perhaps I'll add these to the list of things I hint to people that I want for Christmas. 

 SimpleCare Piercing Spray
I got this aftercare spray after getting my cartilage double-pierced to use every morning to keep my piercing clean and help it heal faster. It was under $10 and really helps protect it, especially when cartilage piercings can  notoriously take forever to heal. Look out for an upcoming post on my experience with my ear piercings - the pain, aftercare, and jewelry!

And in the spirit of continually adding to my list of comfortable, colourful things to wear while lounging, I present this adorable tiger poncho/blanket from Urban Outfitters. I can only imagine the new levels of comfort I could reach with this, and it is exciting. I showed my boyfriend this, also hinting a Christmas gift, and he just shook his head.

Fiercely yours,

Thursday, November 15, 2012

How Amanda Styles Doc Martens (Part One)

Hey! This is my first post on how I style my Doc Martens, as part of our mini-series. You can check out Michelle's first look with her classic black Docs here.

Ah, Michelle and I finally have a chance to show off our Docs. We only promised to do this post in September, so no big deal...  I have to start off by explaining that I've had an obsession with owning floral Docs for years. In fact, I even included a variation of them on an earlier Friday Favourites post. I was planning to save up and really earn them, until I was at the CNE with my cousins, and saw a vendor at the shopping building selling them for like $80. I was impressed with (and only slightly frightened by) how fast I whipped out my debit card.

Since their pattern is so prominent, I like to style these boots with staple pieces in neutral colours, like my trusty black skinny jeans and this lovely knit sweater I bought at The Bay. I also love pairing these babies (is it weird to refer to them as children?) with cotton dresses, or on my really *hardcore* days, denim shorts. Personally, I like to keep patterns elsewhere to a minimum to let the boots really be a focal point. What would you style these boots with? 

Just a note - I've always loved the look of Docs, and clunky combat boots in general, but I've been quite hesitant in the past to buy them or wear them as often as I want. I felt they made my feet look bigger, and more generally that I wasn't "cute enough" or "petite enough" to pull them off. However, don't let this defer you! The older I get, the more I realize a) the way your perceive yourself hardly ever lines up with how others perceive you, and more importantly b) as long as you like what you're wearing and how you look, that's what gets projected to others anyways.

Also, hurray for chunky scarves and chunky rings! And a pro-tip, when wearing circle scarves like this, it's best to tie your hair up or keep it to the side, so as to avoid the bearded look (I should have taken my own advice!). 

Today is Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday. And you know what that means. I get to stay in and watch movies on the Women's Network. But first I'll need to buy more mini-marshmallows for my hot chocolate. One more day of relative productivity to go!



(P.S. Check back next week for our second installment - I know the suspense is killing you!)

Outfit Details:

Circle Scarf - Little Burgundy
Cream Knit Sweater - The Bay
White Tank Top - H&M
Black Jeans - H&M
Doc Martens - vendor at the CNE
Bird Necklace - Forever 21
Large Gem Ring - H&M
Emerald Ring - gift on 18th birthday

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How Michelle Styles Doc Martens (Part One)

Welcome to our mini series: How Michelle/Amanda Styles Doc Martens

Amanda and I have collected a few pairs of Doc martens over the years and we decided to bring a series of posts showing how we like to style them!
**Of course there are a million ways to wear docs, so we are just showcasing how we spin our style on the classic 1460 Doc Marten boot (in all different colors). 

The first outfit I've chosen, I wants to show how to soften the look of Doc Martens. You don't always need leather and spikes to pull off these type of shoes. I decided to paired it when my classic matte black docs. 

Nothing says soft and cozy like a cable knit sweater! The soft material is a real contrast to my black heavy boots, but still pulls the look together. I had to keep going with this winter knit theme with the mittens and wool socks. You can still curl up beside a fire place with hot cocoa, even in Docs (if anything you'll be even warmer!)

Michelle's (Doc Marten) Tips:
- If you have black docs, match them with black pants or leggings and they'll elongate your legs!
- Play around with having your docs laced up all the way or loosely laced, they really make a difference to your look
- Don't attach yourself to what looks good WITH your docs, but throw them into any outfit to see how they look. It'll broaden your range and you'll get more wear out of them. 

Outfit Details:
Sweater - H&M (L)
Leggings - Forever21+ (2XL)
Socks (H&M)
Black Doc Martens - CNE (The Ex Fair)
Mittens - H&M

Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Favorites - November 9, 2012

Cable Knit Sweaters (GMarket)

Of course with autumn rolling by and winter coming up, knitted sweaters are always the best options. Not only are they adorable, but extremely warm. I enjoy the cable knit sweaters because they add enough detail to make the outfit. Wearing them with leggings or jeans is simple but still effective. The shoe options are also endless: boots, booties, loafers and uggs. 

These sweaters are specifically from gmarket, an affordable site to order tons of different styles of sweaters. The only problem is navigating the site and the hundreds of styles they have (and also that half of the site is in Korean)

Dior Airflash Foundation 301 - Sephora, Shoppers Drugmart etc

Dior Airflash is a foundation in an areosol can. It shoots out a soft mist of foundation that creates a build-able light to medium coverage. You can apply it straight from the bottle (to your face) or spray it on a brush or sponge! 

 I've actually owned this foundation for years and I'm always on/off about it. I'll use it for a few months  and love it, then put it away and forget about it. Its a great combination of liquid and powder, so I don't need to set it after I've applied it. That's what makes it my favorite this week because it is extremely quick and efficient! I had 3 tests this week and the last thing on my mind if a full application of liquid, powder and concealer. This foundation is so build-able that it can actually act as all three! 

I apply it by doing a quick mist over my face and blend it with my ELF powder brush (a stiff flat top brush). Then I add more foundation to needed areas but spraying it directly onto the brush and dabbing/blending it over my face. 

The only reason why I don't use it more often (year round) is because their shade selection (in this foundation) is so limited. I can only wear this shade in the colder months when I lost my tan, and the next shade up is too dark. 
Faux Leather Skater Skirt -

I've been dying to get this skirt! The skater cut is my favorite type of skirt, and its combination with leather makes me squeal! I feel like it represents my cutesy style with a dash of sass. 
It's also pretty affordable compared to some other ones I've found. But sadly I waited too long and it's no longer available in my size. I'm actually debating on the risk to get the next size up but the only thing holding me back are the non-existent occasions to wear them too.  

Back Zip Riding Boots - Lane Bryant

I think the biggest thing for me this fall has been tall boots, especially paired with tall socks/legwamers. As you can see from my last OOTD, they really add a cozy touch but doesn't dress down the outfit. 
These boots I picked up from because we don't have the retail store in Canada (yet?). The price is definitely different from what I'm used to paying but I can feel the difference with it comes to the quality and comfort. And, of course the reason why these are great are the wide calf fit! Tall boots can be just a dream to plus size girls like me, luckily there are companies that make proper wide calf boots like this one! 

**If you are having trouble finding wide calf boots in your price range, I suggest searching eBay. I made a conscious effort to search eBay weekly for new or pre-owned wide calf boots. I've actually found a pair (half the price of the LB ones), brand new and amazing fit/quality!**

Black Velvet and Mesh Tunic -

Last one, I swear! (I'm making up for all my missed FF). This is a tunic I spotted on DP's site a couple weeks ago, and there are five things I fell in love with:
1. The soft black velvet
2. The sweet heart neckline + mesh combo to make my tata's say "hello!"
3. The ruffled shoulders that gives such a sweet look
4. The fact it's a tunic, so it's the perfect dress length for little short me. 
5. It was in the sale section + additional 20% off! 
This dress definitely has the potential to be my birthday outfit next if only I had real plans for my birthday. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Put A Bird On It!

Hooray for blogging regularly! Michelle and I snapped these pictures in a quick five minutes before running out to head downtown for the evening, hence the wide variety of poses and camera angles. For the record, Michelle and I really are the go-out, night-life-loving kind of people. On the car ride down, we each remarked, on a minimum of five separate occasions that it was so late, that we're usually in our pajamas by now, that the sun had already set... all before 9:00pm. How's that for grasping our youth.

Onto the outfit itself - I'm so excited I get to wear boots again! Boots! Tall ones, short ones, big ones, small ones. Dr. Seuss-isms aside, does anyone else feel like boots can complete any outfit? I got this pair from Aldo last season, and wore the heels down to the point I began walking on a slant. Pro-Tip from Amanda's Mom: take worn out shoes to a cobbler to replace the heel - mine cost $20 to fix and are now ready for another Winter of loving abuse.

Also leather jackets are great. Even if they don't actually go with everything, I have decided they do. This leather bomber jacket from Danier has a hood, pockets, and lining to keep me warm for those days when it's minus a million degrees and I refuse to acknowledge it. I'm beginning to sense a theme of denial here. Actually I'm not.
Here's to a smooth rest of the week, and hopefully churning out a lit review or two, or several batches of cookies. We'll see how things turn out.

Have a lovely hump day!

(P.S. If you're in the mood to shop - check out our online store!)

Outfit Details:
Leather Jacket - Danier Leather
Bird Blazer - Forever 21
Denim Top - Forever 21
Skater Skirt - Forever 21
Navy Tights - Forever 21+
Boots - Aldo Shoes

(P.P.S. When I wore this bird-print blazer to work, my friend commented that it reminded her of this scene from Season 1 of Portlandia. I'll let you enjoy the magic for yourselves, but it essentially pokes fun at the hipster-penchant for adding birds to, well, everything. I'm embarrassed by - but definitely not admitting to - how much this relates to my day-to-day life.)