Friday, August 31, 2012

Summertime Sadness

"I got that summertime, summertime sadness... oh oh oh."  

Lana Del Rey's damn catchy melancholic tunes play on loop in my head over every Staples commercial. Somber melodies juxtaposed with kids in NEW JEANS, NEW SHOES, OH YEAH. I love the Fall, but I'm mourning the loss of my free time. I'll wear a black beanie on my first day in honour of my six hour OC marathons, to be laid to rest until reading week.

It's that time of year. By now, pre-teen Amanda would already have had the best school supplies picked out, organized by colour and type in my very own customized space-maker (those still exist, right?). And then you pick out the right outfit to show how much more mature you've become in the eight weeks between the fifth and sixth grade. Between you and me, I thought showing up to class in a t-shirt with "Angel" written out in sparkly blue cursive scrawl was going to turn heads. Only when paired with my newest Stitches jeans, of course.

I'm hoping an outfit like this would please the young me too. There are so many things that I love about these pieces - mainly this high-waisted, pleated dress that makes me feel like a ballerina, which I make sure everyone is aware of by twirling at work. Plus it has lambs on it, and they look like they're friend with each other and stuff. The denim jacket is the first I've bought in about a decade, and it's fun to try of thinking of ways to wear it. I can't wait to keep layering in new ways. Also, leggings! They're so comfy, it feels like I'm wearing nothing at all, nothing at all, nothing at all.

Honestly speaking, though, I've been in such a downward funk lately, so I haven't felt in the mood to put on make-up or look nice in general. But dressing up like I did for this post, or going out with the boyfriend a few days ago, I remember how fun it is to dress up, feel pretty, and, as cheesy as it sounds, work it.

With the changing schedules, weather, responsibilities, I'm hoping things will perk up. Here's to getting back to reality. And overdressing for my lectures.

Hopefully yours,

Outfit Details:
Denim Jacket - Old Navy (Size: M)
Dress - H&M (Size: 10)
Leggings - Forever 21 (Size: L)
Boots - Forever 21
Socks - H&M
Bracelets - Aldo Accessories, Etsy
Stacking Rings - H&M
Collar Necklace - Forever 21 (Thank you, Michelle!)

(P.S. Check out The Nearsighted Owl's weekly Proud of my Size link up that I've participated in for the first time this week. Check out awesome outfits on awesome bloggers of all sizes. I'm awesome and you're awesome. /end awesome)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Have You Seen Our Shop?

I bet you like shopping, fine blog reader! Check out our BigCartel shop for one-of-a-kind thrifting finds, including these lovely items that are perfect for the transition into early Fall.


(We recently sold the lovely teal version of this skirt, so make sure to grab this one while it's still in stock!)


Hope you have a delightfully mundane Tuesday!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Just a Statement

This isn't really an outfit of the day post, but just a statement outfit leading into something I've wanted to write about. Let's start off with where I got this fabulous crop top. I stumbled on it after seeing some beautiful tumblr girls wearing it. It was made by Gisela Ramirez and you can pick it up HERE.

The meaning is pretty out there, FUCK "FLATTERING". A word constantly heard when it comes to picking out clothing. A word I used to hear in a negative way. This world limited me from wearing so many things. This isn't even just about plus size girls, it can relate to anyone. For me, it reminds me of: "you're too big to wear that dress" "someone of your size shouldn't be showing that much skin" "you can't wear bright colors or prints, it makes you look bigger" I'm sure that list could go on an on. 

Before I go on, let me break down this outfit a bit (for the sake that this is still a "style" blog). 
Since I've been craving autumn so badly I decided to throw in some fall pieces like my sheer black tights and my favorite black boots. My high waisted denim shorts did fit well with the crop top, but my only problem were the cuffs constantly falling. I did fix them the next day by sewing them up (I wish I thought of it before).

At a young age I was taught these "fashion rules" on how a young lady of my size should dress. It was never about modesty, but covering up the most "unflattering" parts of my body. I stayed far away from tank tops and strapless anything. Muffin tops were the greatest fashion sin and I had to change right away if any fat was bulging out of anywhere.
 These things start to ingrain into your head to a point you don't know why you follow them. Even though I got this shirt as a self esteem boost last year, I still didn't follow it's meaning. 

So the reason why I made this post is to pat myself on the back on the body postive changes I've made this year. Last summer I wouldn't wear anything above my elbow and I tried to wear sweaters or oversized tops all the time. I would pray for fall to come sooner so I wouldn't have to die in heat from the excessive clothing I was wearing. 

After a turn of events and following awesome body positive and plus size fashion blogs, I decided to do things differently this summer. My body didn't change at all to give me this confidence boost, but my attitude did. I started to realize that it's MY body and I shouldn't base my style on what people want/don't want to see. I can't make myself happy by just pleasing others :) I've made strides this summer by wearing tank tops, strapless dresses/tops and a two piece swimsuit. I know it doesn't sound much to others but I'm pretty damn proud of it.

I've actually enjoyed this summer because now I can dress comfortably to the weather :)

 Outfit Details
F*uck Flattering crop top - Gisela Ramirez 
High waisted denim shorts - Thrifted 
Sheer tights - ASOS Curve
Black combat boots - Nine West
Bracelets - Little Burgundy, Aldo
Lipstick - MAC Diva

Victory roll and burgundy lips!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Favorite 08.24.12

Forever21+ Faded Chambray Shirt

I love love LOVE denim shirts, but I realized I don't have any darker wash ones. I'm not sure if it'll look too dark with my hair or skin but I want to wear it this fall with tall riding boots and aviators. 
 Doc Martens 1460 Classics - Black 

I've wanted these bad boys forever! I was planning to drop a whopping $159.99 plus tax on these beauts but luckily Amanda informed me that she got her coveted pair (These gorgeous black and floral canvas ones), at CNE's "The Ex" for only $90.
When I was there they were out of this style in women's and anything that remotely came close. There were a few that caught my eye but my heart was set on the classic boots that look adorable laced up with jeans. After sifting around for half an hour I found the last pair of men's boots in this style (buried under other boots), and they happened to be in my size! This time my big feet were a blessing. 
Amanda and I will be coming out with a "How We Style Docs" post since we've collected a few pairs now.

Custom Made Sailor Dress - Etsy's Clementiny Clothing 

It's hard for me to find nautical related clothing, but in plus size too? I came across this dress style on eBay and was dying to have it. Since they didn't have my size, I sent pictures of it to Kari, who runs an etsy shop called Clementiny Clothing. She makes custom orders, so was able to make this dress in my size in a month. 
Amanda and I were in Niagara Falls last weekend, so I decided to wear this dress before summer ended. I was very nervous about it since my brother kept teasing me on how "theatrical" it looked. Even though I got a lot of stares from people, I walked with my head high and felt so adorable in this dress. 

Stay confident and keep smiling. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Friday Favourites - August 17, 2012

Hello my pretties,

While I get over the fact that it's mid-August, let me showcase the fruits of my Internet lurking and procrastination. In return, let's pretend it's not Saturday.

Laci Green, Sex/Body Positive YouTuber
Have you ever found a new a new blog, and you get so obsessed, you've gotten to page 65 a few hours later without realizing what happened? I stumbled on one of Laci Green's videos on Tumblr and love her style - enter obsesson. Her videos are well-researched, professionally done, and always give a message of self-love, which is always something you can always have more of. Watch her video above about fat shaming, in which she argues, "You don't encourage people to take care of their body by telling them to hate it. They have to love the shit out of it first".

SO PUNNY. The shipping for these bad boys to Canada is about as much as the actual slippers cost. But my strength is wavering, and I can't not own these. Plus, being a homebody while having a week's worth of slipper options helps me keep up my inner fashionista.

Casual Canvas Leather Backpack Rucksack Bookbag Satchel Hiking Bag on Ebay 
Every year, I try to find the perfect school bag, and fail. Giant Jansport bags just feel so clunky. I bought a weekend bag from H&M that people kept remarking to with, "Oh wow that bag is massive!"  I bought a Carry-All bag from American Apparel and I felt like Santa carrying a satchel of crap. So this year, I've been hurt but I'm trying to learn to love again - on Ebay - I'm currently eyeing the army green backpack in the bottom right corner.

Evil Eye Bracelet (via Aldo Accessories)
I recently bought this bracelet at Aldo Accessories. I love that it doesn't jingle and jangle because that's a huge pet peeve of mine. It came with a matching other bracelet with an eye, as opposed to the hand. I also like that it's a little nod to my Arabic heritage.

  Opaque Over-the-Knee Cable Knit Sock (via American Apparel)
When I'm at work, I scribble in my notebook - Mrs. Autumn, Amanda + Fall = ♥, Amanda and Fall, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S... well, you get the idea. I do things like trying to convince myself that since it's under 30 degrees Celsius today, it's definitely sweater weather. I love the colours these babies are available in, and having a variety of stockings or high socks help you keep around your summer pieces, while upping the cozy. I can't wait to pair socks like these with shirt dresses or denim shorts.

 Michelle and I heading to Niagara Falls tomorrow for an end-of-summer hoorah. Check back soon to learn valuable lessons, like how to accessorize a the blue Maid of the Mist poncho.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

My First Fall Haul of 2012

Autumn is my favorite season, so I'm super excited about doing some fall and back to school shopping. So here is one of my many-to-come fall hauls:

 Black Skinny Jeans "Old Navy Rock Star" and Ivory Thick-Knit Sweater "H&M"
These two are just great back-to-school or fall essentials. Not only can these be paired together with my favorite combat boots, but each piece are fall basics. All-black jeans can give you that sleek clean look without having to wear trousers. These are also the rock star jeans I mentioned in one of my Friday Favorites. I'm in love with the fit and it's even more flattering in all black. The knit sweater is so simple that it can be worn with almost any wash jeans, leggings, trousers or maybe a wool skirt?

 White Raglan Shirt "American Apparel" and Navy/White Raglan Shirt "American Apparel"
Although these two are both raglan shirts, they are both cut different. The all-white one has an oversized fit. The wide neckline is my favorite part of this shirt, it's very relaxed and gives the "I didn't give a shit today but I still look cute as hell". You'll see me rocking this shirt with leggings or jeans (maybe even sweats) on long, and sad school days. I also have this one in a tri-blend navy version. I definitely recommend this as a basic must.

The second one is a basic baseball jersey style shirt. I don't find this a fall staple at all but it is a nice basic. It's very long because its a unisex item but I see myself tucking it into my favorite denim shorts with a wool beanie. I know that in the fall season I dress a bit grungier and less frilly.
Ivory Skater Dress "H&M"
Maybe ignore what I said about me dressing grungier in the fall :P This dress is the perfect fall/winter dress. It is a thicker cotton, so it's very warm. The gold buttons were what sold me on this dress, it gives it a nautical look :D This is also one of the first dresses I've ever gotten at H&M that I don't have to shorten. The fit is a perfect mini dress and would look adorable with some opaque tights and maybe a boyfriend cardigan to dress down the look. 

 Anchor Scarf "Courtesy of Lindsay (thank you dahling!), Anchor Necklace "Little Burgundy" and Sailboat Earrings "Little Burgundy"
 Let's give in more to my nautical obsession with all of these accessories :)

Beaded Wrapped Bracelet "Little Burgundy", Turquoise Skull and Anchor earrings "", Spiked Bangle "Aldo" and Anchor Friendship bracelet "Little Burgundy"
 Big thanks to Amanda for the anchor earrings, they are so cute! She got a skull and flower pair to bind our friendship and the blog <3 
I've also never been a big bracelet person but the beaded one paired with the spiked bangle is amazing :)

Stay tuned for more fall obsessed hauls! Amanda and I will be coming out with a back-to-school post soon :)


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Friday Favorites 08.03.12

Neon Canvas Backpack, Urban Outfitters
 I've been pretty psyched to go back to school (I've been out of the game for awhile), so I've been so excited to do some back to school shopping. I checked out and their sale section had this backpack for only $14.99. It's also a real sized backpack (not like the kind sold at forever21), so hopefully it can haul all of my stuff. 
Cotton Mary Janes (2 for $20), Urban Outfitters
 I also picked up these cute and super casual Mary Janes, and they were only 2 for $20 (I picked up black and grey). These are great as basic shoes for school, that I could probably wear with sweat pants, jeans or leggings. I decided to get one size up so I could fit some padded insoles. These shoes don't always have the greatest support.

Floral Card/iPhone Holder,

 I've been looking into these types of cases because the all-in-one concept is cute. However, the downside is that if you lose one lose everything. I think this one is too adorable and it would be great for situations where you wouldn't want to carry a purse. For example, clubbing, running quick errands....walking into mordor...

Pom Pom Ear Beanie,

I have FALL FEVER! I have such a craving for autumn weather. 
Baggy beanies, thick knit sweaters, leather jackets and big clunky boots....
I've already made a pact with my brother's girlfriend that I would stop buying summer clothes and start rebuilding my fall wardrobe. 
My wishlist for fall clothing could go on forever, but right now I do have my eye on that hat and any other kind of oversized beanies.