Monday, June 18, 2012

My First DIY Tank Tops

Lately I've been getting back into DIY and crafting. I have a lot of down time now so I'm always really bored at home which results in either online shopping or eating. So I decided to pick up some projects in the mean time. 

I picked up a few men's shirts from my local thrift shop and decided to make them into tank tops because for some reason I can't find any thick strapped tank tops in my size :S This isn't going to be a tutorial because I got the techniques from a YouTube video. So this is just going to be a run through of how I did. 

 I started off with a nautical looking tshirt (what else?) and cut off the neck with a rotary cutter (you can get them at michaels, so handy with cutting fabric!)

I folded the shirt through the middle to make the the front of the neckline lower. So I just made a deeper "U" in the front.

Then I just cut off the sleeves (the rotary cutter is amazing for this) and I left 3/4 inch than I wanted for hemming. I'm still really bad at hemming though so I decided to use Fabric Fusion tape to hem just the edges of the sleeves. 

This is how it turned out in the end, so far I don't know how it'll end up after I wash it. I really love it though :D Here's the video I used to make the tank top :)

And here are the 2 DIY tank tops I have so far. Hoped you guys enjoyed the post and I hope to have some more DIY's coming!


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  1. Hey! Your blog inspired me to make my own! I hope you don't mind but I placed a link to your blog on my post. Check it out and let me know what you think!