Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DIY Dress Fail

I scored a bunch of awesome things at my local thrift store when they had a 50% off day. I found this dress a few days before but walked away from it. Luckily it was still there when I went back and got it half off :D

Of course I wanted to have it shortened (I just don't do long skirts lol). There were also shoulder pads that could be easily removed. This is probably my 3rd time shortening a dress/skirt? And I still have a hard time with measuring it so it can still be hemmed but not be too short.

 Shoulder pads are usually attached by just one seam on each side so it's super easy to snip off. And with the leftover pads you can make some nifty beds for homeless mice :) 
I used my rotary cutter to cut off the bottom (I scratched the coffee table SSHHH! don't tell my brother!)
As I was trying to measure, I decided to take a shortcut and NOT measure with a measuring tape and just eyeball the length by the buttons in the middle. NEVER EVER DO THIS. Always measure twice before cutting and take in details like YOUR BUTT (and the hem line). I forgot that your butt lifts the length. So not only did I make it too short, the back is much shorter because of my bodonka donk. I also can't hem it because that would make it even shorter

I'm pretty sad that I kind of screwed up this dress since it's so hard for me to find thrifted dresses that fit me. It's still wearable as long as I don't bend over in public :P I love the fit of it so much I'll still try to use it as much as I can.

*I decided to wear it to the grocery store and it was fine :) a little scary in the wind but not that bad (I wear shorts underneath just in case). I felt really mature in it though with my bun :D

So take this post as a lesson learned and never rush when DIYing! 



  1. I don't see how you messed anything up. Looks absolutely adorable.

  2. You could always go in with some lace or trim and add it to the bottom to ad a bit of length.