Thursday, June 21, 2012

Amanda's Mending Box - Dress Hemming Time!

This is my mending box. I keep this box in my room full of all my clothes that got lost along the way. Forever 21 dresses that fall apart after two washes, pantyhose with holes at the toes (stupid size 10 feet), and things I find shopping with potential to fix eventually.

My latest project was this beauty I found shopping with Michelle and Tobi at Black Market on Queen Street in Toronto.

I loved the button-down front and the stitching of the high-waist. My friends also told me it was somewhat of a departure from my usual colourful/printed palette. I wouldn't have minded it if it was maxi-length, but cutting me off mid-calf made it reallyyyy unflattering. One of my favourite things about thrifting is being able to modify clothing to my body. Having hips and thighs means every skirt/dress I own rides up a few inches, making dressing for summer an uncomfortable affair. Now I get to customize the skirt length and style.

The first step was to put the dress on and decide where I wanted it to fall - just below the last button. Next, I took the dress off and lay it on a flat surface. Using my measuring tape, I lay out an approximately straight line. Since I didn't have a fabric pen, I used a concealer pencil to draw a line to cut above. 

The hem came out like I hoped - with the back slightly longer than the front. The messy lines weren't an issue since hemming came next. I folded the edges of the hem to create a smooth, even line and used pins to hold it in place.

Then came the fun part. Since I'm still learning to use my sewing machine, I thought it best to hem the skirt by hand. I use a really simple method my Mom taught me. Turning the dress inside out, I cut a long piece of thread, and tie a knot at one end. I then move the needle under the fabric about 2cm and pull the thread through. Then, I pull the needle back, into the fabric where I entered the first time, only to pull the needle out about 4cm after, ultimately creating a loop. I guess a good analogy would be two steps forward, one step back. After watching a few hours of TLC, it was finally done.

You can see how it looked here.

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