Friday, June 15, 2012

Wind Swept But Still Edgy

I wanted to make sure not every outfit had a nautical theme, so I decided to dress a bit edgier (IMO). This outfit started out simple with my newly DIY'ed knotted tee and my new thrifted denim shorts. I decided to spice it up with a bunch of accessories and looked like an awkward bad ass wearing heels in a park. 

Even though it was a really cool day, my hair could not hold curls for it's own dear life. I ended up with some loose beachy curls that may or may not look like I did it on purpose. It was fun to flip in the wind though. 

This outfit was definitely a little more "daring" for me. That tiny patch of skin showing through the knot is something I would never have done last year. But I'm slowly breaking into the "I can wear anything I want" belief.

Outfit Details:
White knotted tshirt - Forever21+ (DIY'ed knot)
Denim high waisted shorts - Thrifted
Thin black belt - Forever21+
Tan suede wedges - Forever21
Triangle necklace - (mens section)
Beaded bracelets - Aldo, my temple
Rings -


  1. I really love this outfit! im plus size, and love thrifting as well. Sometimes, I'm still very self conscious about my body, but I learned that you can let the size of the clothes you wear discourage you! If you're comfortable in your clothes its easier to pull off dressing cute haha! please keep doing these =D.

  2. Those rings are amazing. Love the outfit.. One day I'll be bold enough to show some skin :)

  3. I really don't know how to dress up an outfit with jewelry. The only bit of jewelry I wear on a day to day basis are earrings/ studs. I think it would be great if you or Amanda or both of you guys teach us a few tricks on it (: