Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hipster Curls, Suburban S'mores and Thunder Storms

Amanda, Tobi and I decided to get together to live a bit of summer and make s'mores on Amanda's backyard fireplace. Sadly, it was thunder storming like crazy so we couldn't make a fire or take pretty pictures outside. I decided to opt for the porch because I am in LOVE with this outfit. 

When I first put this outfit on, I felt like a hipster/tumblr girl. Of course, I don't aspire to be them or anything. But it felt great to see those styles on my dashboard every day to me eventually wearing it.
*Remember: It's not the body that makes it outfit, it's the confidence :D

You can check out my DIY post on these shorts HERE
They're holding up very well too, I'm starting to love cut-offs opposed to cuffed shorts. They make me feel like a plus size Asian Daisy Dukes. Now I need those coveted cow boy boots, because "one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you"

*Thanks to Amanda for making my knockers look big in this one. 

  Outfit Details:
White strapless top - Walmart (XL)
Ombre denim shorts - Thrifted and DIY
Brown woven belt -
Brown moccasins - Forever21
Black cord/Crystal necklace - Toronto ROM
White skull head "shambala" bracelet - Beyond the Rack

 Let's not forget the reason why we got together! To make those lovely ooey gooey smores! 
We decided to roast them in the oven, since mother nature decided against our sweet tooth. 
Not only did I buy the giant marshmallows but they expanded about three times their size. 
(Believe me there are graham crackers under those bad boys)

In the end we got our sticky treats after topping them with chocolate melts from Bulk Barn. Only to regret them about 5 minutes after. Although we did spend those 5 glorious minutes with marshmallow and chocolate running down our hands while watching Virgin Diaries on TLC (have any of you guys seen it?)

Let's end it off with a typical "tumblr" picture of me and my curls  
(video on it coming soon)


Friday, July 27, 2012

Amanda's Friday Favourites - July 27, 2012

Better World Books (
Don't you wish you could look as happy and fulfilled as this lady in my Googled stock photo here? You do?! Then head towards the Better World Books website. I have a minor addiction to buying every book I want to read, and on a students' budget, I have to get them used (or not eat dinner). This website collects used book donations from libraries, stores, and other sources and sells them online for a really fair price. The best part? Purchases made go towards literacy programs around the world. The other best part? Free worldwide shipping. Aw yeeeeah.
Braided Trim Shoulder Bag (via Forever 21)
I'm kind of known for the insane amount of things I carry in my purse. Commuting daily for a few years now, I've learned how important it is to carry absolutely everything with you. An hour into your bus ride, you may really want to reapply your mascara. Or write in your journal. Or knit. Point is, I need a bag that is neutral enough to wear everyday, but also able to handle a lot of use. I just purchased this purse from Forever 21 and so far I'm loving it.

Animal Clothes Hanger (via Urban Outfitters)
I can't get over how fun these are. It's like these animals keep your clothes company when you go to bed at night. And then they can keep each other company, too. No one will ever be lonely again.

Castel-Beige Floral Doc Martens (via
I am so envious of all the floral Doc Martens available on their website right now. These boots are durable, waterproof, and comfortable with a classic silhouette. (P.S. Look out for Michelle and my post coming up on how we style these boots in a variety of looks!)

All Eyes on Me Scarf (via ModCloth)
Like some people make goals to lose weight or read more or change the world - I'd simply like to incorporate more scarves into my Fall wardrobe. This airy number from ModCloth looks like it'll be super versatile with its neutral colours and flowy material. Next payday, next payday. 

Let's pretend this was posted on Friday morning. Have a lovely weekend! Watch out for the store to be updated next week!

Unpunctually yours, 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

It's Not Easy Being Green

I've always had this secret wish to be one of those really cool people who can pull off long flowy clothes, and long flowy hair. You know the type. They're on stage performing at poetry slams and sipping lactose-free lattes at a java place in the city. I, however, am socially anxious and get my caffeine fix at my local Starbucks. While I try to make it from A to B, I find myself modifying my appearance in attempts to channel my inner powerful, intelligent woman on stage - Suheir Hammads, Margaret Chos, Fiona Apples. Hence the floor-length skirt and hippie-wannabe hair. Since starting the blog, I've been more conscious of my appearance and whether or not I should spend a lot of time caring about how I look. So far I've come to the conclusion that you can look feminine, care about how you're perceived, and still be an intellectual - something I have to remind myself as I continue my education (for the next million years). /end philosophical spurt

Okay, to the outfit itself. I picked up this skirt during the madness of Value Village's last 50% off everything sale. It's a light-weight material, and has pockets (!) which is usually an easy deal for me. I really wish it was a few inches longer, and then I remembered being strangely tall is not your clothing's fault. The shirt is an old t-shirt from Gap that shrank in the wash, and my shoes make me feel like Robin Hood, which is always a good thing.

I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow to the knuckle. Are Skyrim jokes still cool?

Enjoy your Saturday, blog amigos!

Uncreatively yours,

Outfit Details,
Sparkly T-Shirt - Gap
Grey Tank Top - Old Navy
Skirt - Thrifted (Value Village)
Shoes - Spring Shoes
Arrow Ring - Aldo Accessories
Chained Earring - Aldo Accessories
Necklace - Forever 21
Bracelet - Value Village (necklace)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Favorites 07.20.12

dark blue Old Navy Rockstar jeans, white Target v-neck, tan F21 moccasins
I've been absolutely in love with my new jeans. These are the Rock Star jeans from Old Navy.
 I never invest in jeans so I'm always used to the poor quality of Forever21 jeans that stretch out after 30 mins. Even though these aren't Levi's or True Religion, they fit me like a glove! 

I'm a whopping 5"1, but these skinny jeans make me feel taller and curvier in the right places. The fit around the waist and hip is so amazing that I love pairing these jeans with fitted tshirts. I've always worn looser tops to hide my muffin top.

  I picked up this bad boy at Forever21 in Florida. I usually never wear totes in the summer but I'm making an exception for this one. It reminds me of a tote I found in Urban Outfitters, but bigger and less expensive :) 

 My beagle Copper is one of my favorites for this week! I missed her so much while I was away. Even though she annoys me a lot and is super needy, she's my little baby :P 
She can smell peanut butter being opened in her sleep and looks like Dobby the elf when she gets excited :) 

My good ol' razor comb. 
I got this in Vancouver almost 5 years ago and have been cutting my own bangs ever since. Cutting my side swept bangs used to take 20 mins with scissors, now it takes less than 5 mins with a razor comb.
It's a favorite for this week because I used it to save my hair! My hair is at an awkward length between my shoulders and my boobs and also has no more layers in it. I used my razor comb to thin out my hair and give me some more short choppy layers. Usually I would only trust my haircut to my favorite stylist, but I desperately want to grow out my hair. So in this case I get to trim the top and leave the bottom to look longer :)

I also have nothing on my wishlist for this week because of all the shopping I did in Florida :)


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Florida Bound - Outfits, Hauls & Food

(cloudy view from our parking garage)
This past week I've been in the Fort Lauderdale area of Florida with my boyfriend :) I was suppose to ask him to do some outfit photos for me, but with the heat I didn't bother with hair or makeup once :P I wanted to share some photos of the trip though, which includes some outfit pictures and of course food! (Isn't that the reason we all love traveling? ;D)

(real technique brush set, nyx HD foundation, small stephen king haul, F21 studded loafers)

(H&M skater dress, brown skinny belt)
The outfit I wore when I was dragged to PF Changs by my boyfriend. I know he has a better taste in Chinese food but he really wanted to try it there. I can say I was the only Asian person in the entire restaurant including the staff -_- 

AHHH...tanning :) I absolutely love to tan and swim. We only had one full day of sun, so we hit up the beach and the pool. I was addicted to the sun that day, I didn't want to leave the pool until the sun was completely behind our condo building. But of course, along with a deep tan you have to protect your skin! 

 (Hot pink bandeau bikini top - Old Navy, HW bikini bottoms -OneStopPlus)
Oh damn, my first fatkini picture! This was my favorite swimsuit and I felt amazing in it. Last year I wore athletic shorts and a tank top to the pool and beach so this was a huge jump for me (but oh so worth it). No more sagging wet clothing or awkward tan lines :)

 (Mexican sampler dish from Orale, Mozzarella di Bufula from Piola) 

 (my nerdy boyfriend :) and my pastrami sandwich)
(White Vneck - Target, Denim Shorts - Thrifted)
This outfit was my favorite type to rock in florida: white tops with light wash denim shorts.

(Bandeau anchor dress - ASOS)
Not my favorite picture, but this was the only night we went anywhere remotely fancy. 

Hope you guys enjoyed!!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

DIY Ombre Denim Shorts

I'm so happy that I finally got a chance to make these, I thought it was something I put off all summer. I've always loved everyone else's DIY ombre shorts but was too scared they would be too flashy for me, but what the hell right?! 

The tutorial I used is from Wild Flower's Blog. She also shows how she studs them in the cutest and safest way :) 

The shorts I used are thrifted and were originally jeans. I decided to cut them into cut offs instead of cuffing them. I forgot to take pictures of this process, but it was also my first time so it took me a few tries to slowly cut off inch by inch to make it the perfect length. 

To prep for the ombreing, I got an old (clean) bucket and poured 3/4 bottle of Clorox bleach and filled it tap water to raise it. I don't think you need to make exact measurements, you just have to watch it carefully to watch the bleaching. If you can, do this outside because the fumes can be horrendous.

So I just dunked them in and figured out how high I wanted them to bleach. I set alarms on my phone to check on them every 15 mins and I believe I left them in there for a total of 50 mins?

I did try and bleach the very bottom more to get a full ombre effect, but I forgot the bleach on the top is still processing even though its not directly in the bleach. 

Copper knows to stay away from the stinky bleach :)

After I was satisfied with the coloring, I filled my sink with 1/2 white vinegar and 1/2 water and soaked the shorts in there. It apparently stops the bleaching process, I wouldn't skip this step. I left the shorts in there for 10 mins max. 

I threw the shorts into the washer right after (then dried them) and this is how it came out! I didn't want it to be so white, so next time I'll definitely leave them in for only 30 mins. I really love how the back came out as well. 

I also realized the shorts are too big, I'm pretty bad at picking out sizes at thrift stores (they even had the same pair in one size smaller). I think this is a trial pair, even though I can still wear them out. I also want to experiment with studding them as well :D 

Making these shorts were also super cheap, the price of the jeans and bleach came up to $6 :D 
I've been a DIY manic lately, so see you guys in the next one!


P.S. You can buy a pair of DIY-ed ombre shorts at our shop!