Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Favorites 07.20.12

dark blue Old Navy Rockstar jeans, white Target v-neck, tan F21 moccasins
I've been absolutely in love with my new jeans. These are the Rock Star jeans from Old Navy.
 I never invest in jeans so I'm always used to the poor quality of Forever21 jeans that stretch out after 30 mins. Even though these aren't Levi's or True Religion, they fit me like a glove! 

I'm a whopping 5"1, but these skinny jeans make me feel taller and curvier in the right places. The fit around the waist and hip is so amazing that I love pairing these jeans with fitted tshirts. I've always worn looser tops to hide my muffin top.

  I picked up this bad boy at Forever21 in Florida. I usually never wear totes in the summer but I'm making an exception for this one. It reminds me of a tote I found in Urban Outfitters, but bigger and less expensive :) 

 My beagle Copper is one of my favorites for this week! I missed her so much while I was away. Even though she annoys me a lot and is super needy, she's my little baby :P 
She can smell peanut butter being opened in her sleep and looks like Dobby the elf when she gets excited :) 

My good ol' razor comb. 
I got this in Vancouver almost 5 years ago and have been cutting my own bangs ever since. Cutting my side swept bangs used to take 20 mins with scissors, now it takes less than 5 mins with a razor comb.
It's a favorite for this week because I used it to save my hair! My hair is at an awkward length between my shoulders and my boobs and also has no more layers in it. I used my razor comb to thin out my hair and give me some more short choppy layers. Usually I would only trust my haircut to my favorite stylist, but I desperately want to grow out my hair. So in this case I get to trim the top and leave the bottom to look longer :)

I also have nothing on my wishlist for this week because of all the shopping I did in Florida :)


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  1. I'm so surprised I'm the same height as you! You seem so much taller :P

    I never bought any jeans from old navy before. Gotta go check some out now!

    And and I love your dog! I have a beagle too :3