Friday, July 27, 2012

Amanda's Friday Favourites - July 27, 2012

Better World Books (
Don't you wish you could look as happy and fulfilled as this lady in my Googled stock photo here? You do?! Then head towards the Better World Books website. I have a minor addiction to buying every book I want to read, and on a students' budget, I have to get them used (or not eat dinner). This website collects used book donations from libraries, stores, and other sources and sells them online for a really fair price. The best part? Purchases made go towards literacy programs around the world. The other best part? Free worldwide shipping. Aw yeeeeah.
Braided Trim Shoulder Bag (via Forever 21)
I'm kind of known for the insane amount of things I carry in my purse. Commuting daily for a few years now, I've learned how important it is to carry absolutely everything with you. An hour into your bus ride, you may really want to reapply your mascara. Or write in your journal. Or knit. Point is, I need a bag that is neutral enough to wear everyday, but also able to handle a lot of use. I just purchased this purse from Forever 21 and so far I'm loving it.

Animal Clothes Hanger (via Urban Outfitters)
I can't get over how fun these are. It's like these animals keep your clothes company when you go to bed at night. And then they can keep each other company, too. No one will ever be lonely again.

Castel-Beige Floral Doc Martens (via
I am so envious of all the floral Doc Martens available on their website right now. These boots are durable, waterproof, and comfortable with a classic silhouette. (P.S. Look out for Michelle and my post coming up on how we style these boots in a variety of looks!)

All Eyes on Me Scarf (via ModCloth)
Like some people make goals to lose weight or read more or change the world - I'd simply like to incorporate more scarves into my Fall wardrobe. This airy number from ModCloth looks like it'll be super versatile with its neutral colours and flowy material. Next payday, next payday. 

Let's pretend this was posted on Friday morning. Have a lovely weekend! Watch out for the store to be updated next week!

Unpunctually yours, 

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