Friday, July 13, 2012

Amanda's Friday Favourites - July 13, 2012

Oooooh, guys it's Friday the 13th. Creepy. Every-Other-Friday is now my favourite day of the week because I get to be shamelessly materialistic. :)
TRESemme's No Frizz Shine Spray
This stuff will detangle any horror my wavy giant hair will throw at it. I don't even have anything else to elaborate on. This shine spray has made my hair manageable. I'd recommend this product to anyone with thick, hard-to-manage hair, especially if you're worried about damage due to the breakage that comes with brushing.

I feel like I should live up to my half of the blog's namesake more often. Plus, this adorable ASOS knapsack is half price right now (!) for around $30 CDN. I love that it's detailed with brown leather, and how bright the colours are. I can pretend I'm carrying a camera or art supplies and not lunch, and supplementary lunch.

 Face Coffee Mugs (via UncommonGoods)
I figure naming inanimate objects is only a few steps below actually personifying them, and so these face mugs seem like the logical next step in my mild descent into madness. On top of that, I don't even live in my own place yet, and I already have a growing collection of mugs with mustaches, circus bears, and President Obama. And, hi, they hold your snack and keep your cookies warm! The marvels of modern science!

Heart to Art Top (via ModCloth)
I feel like the cut-out look is very hard to pull off, but when it's done right it looks so sweet that my heart wants to melt! (Haha, get it?! Heart?!) I'm really happy the sleeveless button-down silhouette is really in this year since it gives me another option for work wear while still letting me feel like a pretty female. Plus, with its navy blue colour and red piping, I'll be channeling my inner sailor. Michelle would be so proud!

Custom Handmade iPhone Cases (via alec8211 on Etsy)
I recently made the big step up from my BlackBerry Bold to the iPhone 4S. Admittedly, the BlackBerry does have its issues, but I do miss it the way you miss your drunk uncle once your parents cut off communication. It really did handle emails like no other!

iPhones, however, have an endless litany of pretty case options. I've spent more time than I'd care to admit browsing handmade cases on Etsy for my baby. His name's Mortimer IV, by the way. My phone I mean. He follows a very proud lineage of Apple products that have fallen before him (quite literally, on sidewalks and roller coasters and stairwells).

Happy weekend amigos! I'm off to have a jam-packed day of hanging out with my mother, watching TLC's wedding line-up, and then hanging out with my mother and my grandmother.

Maternally yours,

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