Friday, July 6, 2012

Michelle's Friday Favorites 07.06.12

So I I making "Friday Favorites" a wish list? or things I've personally favorited out of my own collection? I decided I'll do both!

Full Dark, No Stars - Chapters 

This book isn't AMAZING, but it did want me to get back into reading. I used to read so much as a kid/teenager but somehow lost my way (damn you internet -shakes fist-). Luckily this book is divided into four creepy ass short stories, so it was great for my attention span. This book was on sale and I knew Stephen King is a great author. I seem to be drawn to sick, crazy and sadistic themes. This is a result of watching too much Criminal Minds and not enough Gossip Girl. I'm definitely going to pick up more of his work before my trip to Florida :D 

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream - Shoppers Drugmart

MY HOLY GRAIL RIGHT HERE. I don't think I've ever said that about ANY product, and I've only used it for 2 weeks? I'm a sucker for "new innovative" products from drugstore brands, so I picked this up even thought I've had my eye on the smashbox one (that's $40 more than this one).

I truly don't think that the North American BB creams are anything like the real Asian BB creams. I think they're just slightly better versions of tinted moisturizers. So I don't love this one as a BB cream, it is just amazing as a light weight summer foundation. It's amazing on my oily skin, I usually apply it with my fingers and no powder. It lasts most of the day and I look fresh and not super made up. The SPF 30 is also amazing! It doesn't leave me feeling cakey (which is why I usually avoid traditional tinted moisturizers). This also hasn't broken me out, if anything my skin texture is much better this month :D I also got mine in Medium/Dark which is technically too dark for me, but since it's so light weight I feel like one shade darker adds a bit more coverage.

I plan on picking this up to read on my trip to Florida. Sadly, I've already watched the movie version starring Johnny Depp. I usually don't like doing that but I think it would be good since I'm not fully back into reading and might have a hard time concentrating on it. I can say I loved the movie, so I'm hoping the book will blow my mind :D

Strapless Dress in Ditsy Print - ASOS

Sigh, another ASOS dress I don't think I'll be owning anytime soon. This bad boy is on sale right now, but still not at a price I can convince myself with ($59 CAD). I know it'll go lower next season but can I take that risk? Looking at this cutesy number makes me want to twirl around and feel pretty like those tampon ads. 

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