Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How to: DIY High Waisted Denim Shorts


Summer is just around the corner, and it's time to restock on denim shorts! These cuffed, high waisted shorts have been really popular the past few summers and here's a post on how DIY your own pair and save a ton of money. 

I went to my local thrift store (Value Village) and went straight to the men's jean rack. 
(Men's jeans tend to have a higher rise than women's, so its much easier to create a high waisted look. It's also great if you're plus sized because there will be more size options.) 
There will always be a good chance of finding some vintage looking Levi's, but any pair will do. After looking through different shades and washes, I found this pair for only $4.99! 

Here's a before photo on how they looked on me.
*Make sure you try them on before you purchase them. If they're men jeans, you still don't want them to be too baggy around the hips and thighs. 

While I had them on, I marked how short I wanted them to look. Then measure out an extra 3.5-4 inches beneath it (This length is left to cuff them). If you're extra paranoid, leave extra extra room because you can always cut more off after seeing how they look cuffed. 

Cut off the desired length using strong fabric scissors (I used my rotary cutter). You don't need a perfect line if you're cuffing them. 

Go ahead! Cuff them, (I cuff mine twice to hide the cut edges) and try them on to make sure you're comfortable with the length. 

You can leave them as is, but they become really annoying when the cuffs unroll. I took some white thread and sewed the sides (I have no sewing skills so I think anyone can do this!) 

 Here are the finished results! 

You can get creative and stud them or even ombre them! Check out my older post on how to bleach ombre denim shorts.

I found these amazing women's acid wash jeans as well ($5.99!), and made them into shorts as well. I'm super sad that they're a bit loose on me, so I'm going to figure out a way to shrink them :)

Happy DIY'ing everyone!!


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