Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Love and Picnics and Stuff

A couple weeks ago, my lovely boyfriend, Matt, and I celebrated our fifth anniversary (we've been dating since we were in eleventh grade - can't believe how fast time goes!). In general, we're both pretty laid back (read: lazy) and broke students, so we decided to keep things low key during the day and have ourselves a mini picnic at a nearby park.
Since I had to work in the morning, he was such a sweetheart and prepared our picnic basket/green gym bag complete with wine, a blanket, and sandwiches. We really did try to soak up the wonders of nature and shrubbery and all that, but quickly came to terms with the fact that we'd probably rather be on a couch with said wine, blanket, and sandwiches catching up on Supernatural. This may or may not have to do with the fact that a ginormous bee decided to usurp our picnic blanket five minutes after we laid it out. Regardless, here are some snapshots of our day.

(Matt wears these Crocs only because he knows I despise them. He's promised me he'll be getting those crappy random charms to pin in the holes.)

And since this is supposed to be a style blog, here's a glimpse into my outfit for the day - a simple, blue sundress that I grabbed at Old Navy. I really liked how it contrasted with my red hair which I left large and wavy (as per usual). I opted for bright red ballet flats and old silver rings to complete the look. I alos did my make-up in the car ride over, and it's not too shabby if I do say so myself (meaning only I could notice how horribly uneven my winged liner was).

This was my gift to him, a custom portrait of us riding a mythical creature (in our case, a giant flying eagles courtesy of Lord of the Rings). It was drawn by the lovely artists Katie and Karen of deliciousness whom I got in touch with on Etsy. I'm so excited with the final result! I can't wait to have it printed on poster paper.

For me and my Canadian friends, Monday was a holiday, meaning it's a short week, meaning I only have four days of work to meander through before it's the weekend again. Wheeeee.

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  1. You 2 look so sweet together! Totally LOL'ed at your gift xD