Friday, May 17, 2013

BEAMing All Night

 Hello all my beautiful readers! This "outfit" post is going to be a little bit different, because all the photos were taken on my phone. I apologize for the horrible quality but I didn't want to miss the chance to post my outfit and this amazing event!

my best friend tobi (left) introducing the event and what BEAM is

Amanda and I came out to Variety Night by BEAMInc (hosted at Moskito and Bite, Downtown Toronto). Variety night is an event that showcases different forms of art; there was spoken word, diplayed artworks and some singing/dancing!

BEAM Inc is a charitable organization that supplies underprivileged schools in Nigeria with school supplies, and recently they rebuilt an entire school! My best friend Tobi (and her sisters) are active members and they help plan events, such as parties (and Variety night) to raise funds in a fun way! 

Amanda and I try to come out as often as we can to support :) If you guys are interested in looking into  it more or would like to make a donation, please visit their website! (Click Here) or check them out on Facebook. 

I decided to be festive on my makeup, and I was really happy how it came out. I went really simple on the eyes (plus lashes) and threw on my favorite hot pink lipstick (Mac Rare Exotic). 

I really apologize for the informal outfit pictures! Amanda and I were on a time crunch and didn't get a chance to take real pictures.

I decided to go simple in all black, because it wasn't a dressy event. Even though theres no dress code doesn't mean you can't look sleek and chic! I paired a structured black peplum top with fitted leggings and black booties. I really didn't know if I should dress up my outerwear, so I just went with my oversized military green jacket. 

Here we are, on the subway! I love how our hair contrast each other so well.

Don't you just love Amanda's galaxy dress?!? (Still so sad we couldn't get better pictures)
And you may remember our best friend Tobi, who helped host the entire event. 

Here's a not so much better shot of my outfit. (I feel like I'm posing pretty awkwardly too)
But I can't get over how much I love this peplum top! I ordered it in January but it was a bit too snug to look cute or comfortable. So it was a tiny victory to be able to wear it with much more ease. 

Outfit Details
Peplum Top: Dorothy Perkins
Leggings: New Look
Chelsea Boots: Little Burgundy
Oui/Non Belt: ASOS

I wasn't able to get a lot of pictures of the performances (there were so many amazing ones!), but here are two that definitely stood out.

She was an amazing dancer and did a mix of indian and caribbean dancing (I fell in love with both!)

This spoken word duo were so entertaining. They were funny, charismatic and insanely insightful (the drums were a great touch too).  

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