Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hipster Curls, Suburban S'mores and Thunder Storms

Amanda, Tobi and I decided to get together to live a bit of summer and make s'mores on Amanda's backyard fireplace. Sadly, it was thunder storming like crazy so we couldn't make a fire or take pretty pictures outside. I decided to opt for the porch because I am in LOVE with this outfit. 

When I first put this outfit on, I felt like a hipster/tumblr girl. Of course, I don't aspire to be them or anything. But it felt great to see those styles on my dashboard every day to me eventually wearing it.
*Remember: It's not the body that makes it outfit, it's the confidence :D

You can check out my DIY post on these shorts HERE
They're holding up very well too, I'm starting to love cut-offs opposed to cuffed shorts. They make me feel like a plus size Asian Daisy Dukes. Now I need those coveted cow boy boots, because "one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you"

*Thanks to Amanda for making my knockers look big in this one. 

  Outfit Details:
White strapless top - Walmart (XL)
Ombre denim shorts - Thrifted and DIY
Brown woven belt -
Brown moccasins - Forever21
Black cord/Crystal necklace - Toronto ROM
White skull head "shambala" bracelet - Beyond the Rack

 Let's not forget the reason why we got together! To make those lovely ooey gooey smores! 
We decided to roast them in the oven, since mother nature decided against our sweet tooth. 
Not only did I buy the giant marshmallows but they expanded about three times their size. 
(Believe me there are graham crackers under those bad boys)

In the end we got our sticky treats after topping them with chocolate melts from Bulk Barn. Only to regret them about 5 minutes after. Although we did spend those 5 glorious minutes with marshmallow and chocolate running down our hands while watching Virgin Diaries on TLC (have any of you guys seen it?)

Let's end it off with a typical "tumblr" picture of me and my curls  
(video on it coming soon)