Thursday, November 22, 2012

How Michelle Styles Doc Martens (Part Two)

Here is the 2nd outfit to my "How I style Doc Martens" series! 
This outfit is also featuring my black docs (I have two pairs, and I believe amanda has three or four). This was my way to show how I wear Docs with something "dressier" like a skirt! 

This outfit is still very casual and falls into the "wintery" theme. If you'd like to see Docs paired with a dress, check out Amanda's (Part Three) post. 
This is another example of using Docs as an unexpected twist to an outfit. A skirt and cardigan can easily be paired with tall riding boots or loafers, but Docs always do a great job of adding edge to any outfit. 

Later on, while I was combing through the pictures. I felt like this outfit could have been done without the socks. It would've made it look a bit dressier and make my legs look longer. Small touches with acessories really make or break an outfit. I can also tell this outfit definitely need MORE accessories. I was in a bit of a rush and forgot to put on any jewelry (but to be honest I haven't fussed with any in a few weeks). 

Michelle's (Doc Marten) Tips:
 "The more you wear it, the nicer they will look!"
Doc Martens actually look better the longer you own them. The wearing in the leather will look more vintage (and also more comfortable)
But this doesn't mean you shouldn't take care of them like any other boot
- Make sure you are using a water resistant protectant spray on your Docs (at least once a week/or less if you don't wear them as often)
- Doc's can still get dinged up and the color scratched off (the leather). So even though they are heavy duty, treat them like you would a pair of riding boots.
- Canadian weather + driveway salt can really fuck up your boots in the winter. I haven't had a lot of damage done to my Doc's in the winter because when I notice salt stains I take a wet cloth and just rub them off. 

Outfit Details: 
Cardigan -
White scoop neck tshirt - Old Navy
Skirt - Asos Curve
Tights -
Socks - H&M
Doc Martens - CNE (The Ex Fair)


  1. I wore Docs with short skirts when I was 19..and now 16 years later..I am doing it again! I love to. It is really hard to find fun Docs in in North America I found my Teal vintage ones in the British Boot Company store in London..I had to stop myself a 2 pair.

  2. Did you color the yellow stitching black? How?

  3. omg! you're S2PandaApple on youtube right?? i might've gotten the name wrong though lol