Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Put A Bird On It!

Hooray for blogging regularly! Michelle and I snapped these pictures in a quick five minutes before running out to head downtown for the evening, hence the wide variety of poses and camera angles. For the record, Michelle and I really are the go-out, night-life-loving kind of people. On the car ride down, we each remarked, on a minimum of five separate occasions that it was so late, that we're usually in our pajamas by now, that the sun had already set... all before 9:00pm. How's that for grasping our youth.

Onto the outfit itself - I'm so excited I get to wear boots again! Boots! Tall ones, short ones, big ones, small ones. Dr. Seuss-isms aside, does anyone else feel like boots can complete any outfit? I got this pair from Aldo last season, and wore the heels down to the point I began walking on a slant. Pro-Tip from Amanda's Mom: take worn out shoes to a cobbler to replace the heel - mine cost $20 to fix and are now ready for another Winter of loving abuse.

Also leather jackets are great. Even if they don't actually go with everything, I have decided they do. This leather bomber jacket from Danier has a hood, pockets, and lining to keep me warm for those days when it's minus a million degrees and I refuse to acknowledge it. I'm beginning to sense a theme of denial here. Actually I'm not.
Here's to a smooth rest of the week, and hopefully churning out a lit review or two, or several batches of cookies. We'll see how things turn out.

Have a lovely hump day!

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Outfit Details:
Leather Jacket - Danier Leather
Bird Blazer - Forever 21
Denim Top - Forever 21
Skater Skirt - Forever 21
Navy Tights - Forever 21+
Boots - Aldo Shoes

(P.P.S. When I wore this bird-print blazer to work, my friend commented that it reminded her of this scene from Season 1 of Portlandia. I'll let you enjoy the magic for yourselves, but it essentially pokes fun at the hipster-penchant for adding birds to, well, everything. I'm embarrassed by - but definitely not admitting to - how much this relates to my day-to-day life.)

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