Monday, November 5, 2012

"Let me twirl my hair and bat my lash."

Long time no see dolls! 
Its been such a long time since I've done a post and my apologies! As you guys may know I'm back to school, so I'm pretty rusty at juggling school work. These photos were actually taken a couple weeks ago, before Amanda and I headed out to a friend's birthday. 

It was a low key bar scene so I decided to keep it simple. I've been OBSESSED with tall boots with tall socks, I try to wear them with all my fall outfits. The striped shirt was buried in my closet but really added a cute touch. I felt nautical and parisian :) 

**Thick calves/thigh? Having trouble with finding tall socks? I use very stretchy leg warmers! They give the illusion of thigh high socks. (I've gotten many of mine from H&M). I've also gotten many tall socks from They have a wide plus size selection.** 

Clearly I need a break...or to go out more often. Curled hair?? EYESHADOW?!? 
I've been slacking on putting effort into the little things that make me feel more glamourous. No matter how hectic things can get, never forget a little self-care! 

The Canadian cold is playing tricks on us this year. One day it's windy and frigid, the next day I'm sweating in just a sweater. So no matter what I always need to be prepared, this is my fall-jacket-when-the-weather-kind-of-feels-more-like-winter jacket. 

I also kept accessories at a minimal so I just threw on my casio watch and a studded bracelet. 

Outfit Details:
Striped top - H&M
Black skater skirt - ASOS Curve
Sheer black tights - ASOS Curve
Wool legwarmers - H&M
Black riding boots - Lane Bryant
Green parka - Forever21+
Casio watch - eBay
Studded bracelet - Aldo



  1. Hi Michelle! I was wondering what is the specific name of that watch? I love your outfit btw =)

    1. I actually got it on ebay (so it might be fake). I just typed in "Mens Casio Watch" :) and thank you!