Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How Amanda Styles Doc Martens (Part Two)

This is my second outfit for our How We Style Doc Martens series. You can check out our older posts here and here!
So, I figure I should tell the story of how I got this lovely pair of boots. Similar to my floral Docs, I purchased this pair on complete impulse - one of those browsing-on-Ebay-at-4am kind of nights. I won the auction, and was excited. This was double-trouble for my bank account, paired with the fact that I was still relatively new to online shopping (recently getting my first credit card) and not understanding of how customs worked. Long story short, I ended up paying $30-something in customs fees, after several phone calls to understand why, and it made me sad. Looking back, I also didn't bother to check if they were even authentic Doc Martens (not so much for the brand name itself, but rather the high quality that makes these boots worth their cost). Go me!

It's really hard to not stand-out while wearing pink and white printed Doc Martens (did I mention the pink portions are actually a faux-suede material that's soft to the touch?!) - so I generally dress more funky when I break out these badboys, while still maintaining an overall cohesive look. I bought this black cotton dress from H&M for exactly that purpose - balancing out my crazy accessory/shoe collection. My tights are from American Apparel's opaque collection, and though kind of pricey, they are totally worth it. On top of everything, I threw on this over-sized, almost Sailor-Captain style cardigan that I picked up at Value Village a while ago. It's so big and cozy and perfect for sitting around the campfire - or taking outfit pictures in your background when it's minus two degrees, and Tobi is laughing at you from the comfort of her winter coat. Those kinds of moments.

So remember, when buying Doc Martens online (don't make Amanda's mistakes!):
  • Definitely look online if you're into more unique styles/colours that malls won't carry - most stores I've seen carry only solid colours in leather, along with some floral prints.
  • Have an idea of your size/comfort level with these boots beforehand (they take some getting used to!). You can always try a pair on at the store to confirm that they're for you.
  • Buy from a reliable source - make sure the seller on Ebay has a high percentage of positive feedback, and has sold other items in the past. It's common sense, but can save you a lot of drama!
  • Make sure the seller is clear on the condition of the shoes - if they've been worn, if it includes a box, all these items can affect value and you should have an idea of what you're buying before receiving your shipment.
  • Finally, it's difficult to know exactly what customs fees you'll run into (depends on where you live, where your Docs are coming from, how much the item was worth, how much it weighs, etc.) but it's good to expect them and do some reading. Here's some information I found for Canadians to get you started.
Have a great Tuesday! Let me know what you'd style these lovely Doc Martens with, I'm curious to hear your take on it! 35 days until Christmas, and two weeks until my university classes are officially over! Exclamation points!

Excitedly yours,


Outfit Details:
Circle Scarf - H&M
Oversized Cardigan - thirfted
Black Dress - H&M
Pantyhose - American Apparel
Leg Warmers - Bluenotes
Doc Martens - Ebay
Earrings - Forever 21

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