Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How Amanda Styles Doc Martens (Part Three)

Hello! This is my final post on how I like to style my Doc Marten boots. You can check out some of our other posts here, here, here, and here.

Ta-Da! These are my old and faithful purple Docs. They were my first pair, and one of my more scary purchases at the time - they were so out of my usual comfort zone (I know, I'm a boring person), but so awesome at the same time! You can definitely tell they've suffered through a few too many winter days, to the point where the colour is starting to go where the leather bends naturally. Here comes my public service message of the day: Take care of your shoes people - name them, cherish them, love them!

I've probably said this before, but I love the combination of really girly pieces with stronger, chunkier elements. It makes me feel like a lady, but still scary enough so people won't talk to me on the subway. Yesterday, I had to explain the basics of my psych thesis (large research project) to an old lady who kept reading my notes over my shoulder and asking me questions. I blame the inviting skirt and riding boots I was wearing.

Enter today's outfit, including this
lovely floral dress from Material Girl by Madonna. I surprisingly love a lot of her pieces, they're fun and on-trend, while still pretty affordable (for that sad day where spikes and chambray shirts are no longer relevant). Paired with this thrifted cardigan and knit beanie from H&M and it was a simple, pretty neutral outfit for the week.

For all those dealing with college/university finals, stay strong. Drink coffee. Eat cookies. Really try to get some sleep. Hit the books. Or blog about your outfits on the Internet instead. Whatever works.


Outfit Details:

Beanie - H&M
Black Cardigan - Thrifted
Floral Dress - The Bay (Material Girl by Madonna)
Black Leggings - Forever 21
Doc Martens - Soft Moc (from 2010?)

I believe the intended caption for this photo was: "Oh wow, look at this really neat boots that I'm wearing!"

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