Monday, December 31, 2012

Beat The Winter Wind!

Winter is here! For Canadians, we have a very short autumn and winter kind of bites us in the ass when we aren't looking. In this post I bring my winter tips and supplies to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized during these bitter winter winds. 
My skin is usually more on the oily side, but my hormones are practically sadistic because my skin gets to the polar opposite of dry when winter comes (especially around my period). Here is a list of products and routines I turn to when I notice my skin losing all moisture.  

Dove Go Fresh body wash w/ Nutrium Moisture

Every other season, I usually use Bath and Body Works shower gel (in Sweet Pea). But I noticed I needed to throw in extra moisture too. I switch to this dove body wash because they always have moisturizing creme in their products. I know it doesn't seem like much but these little things really help boost the skin. 

 It's a 10 leave in conditioner

My hair is even affect by dry winds! It's either blowing in the wind or my hair is always in a tight non-breathable bun. Either way, my ends get very dry and brittle. It's a 10 hair mask spray is practically hair conditioner in a bottle. Many other leave in conditioners are much more liquidy, so they aren't as strong or concentrated as this spray. 
I spray this into my hair (only on the ends) right after I step out of the shower. I use my hands to rub it in more, and when it dries your hair feels like butter! 

Biotherm Source Therapie Serum & Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light Creme

These two products have been a great combo to battle dry and dehydrated skin. I definitely don't think you have to get these specific brands to help dehydrated skin. But I recommend switching to using a serum and creme during the colder months. A serum penetrates deep into the skin to rehydrate it. The texture can be quite thin, which is why you layer on a creme to keep it moist and lock it in. 
A lot of brands carry very thick cremes for dry skin, but I feel like they just sit on top of your skin and create and shiny look. A light to medium creme on top of serum makes your skin feel fresh and soft without the weight. 

Bio Oil & Lubriderm body lotion

Even though our arms and legs are usually hidden and protected underneath clothing during the winter, our skin can still take a lot of damage. The two products I have here follow a similar routine (that is used for face), which is a serum + creme formula. 
I definitely don't think you need both. But if you're tired of using thick heavy body lotions, this combination may be better for you! I've never liked using thick cremes such as body butter or cocoa butter, so I take the time to layer these two products after I shower.

Bio oil (or vitamin E oil) has so many benefits, but in this case I love how well it soaks into your skin and truly hydrates it. I also came across using Lubriderm after I got my first tattoo. I liked the texture because it was not heavy at all, and didn't leave a slick feeling afterwards. 

If you feel llike this routine is too much (but you still want maximum protection and moisture), try using Bio oil on your most dry areas (knees and elbows) and then your favorite creme all over your body. 

DIY Lip Scrub

Dry lips are always the worst on a bitter windy day! Constant dry lips can create a chaffed red ring around your lips from licking As much you slathe on the lip balm, the dead pokey skin on your lips will still sit there. The photo shown is not my photo but it does show the ingredients for the scrub, and I also got the recipe from one of Michelle Phan's videos.
Just mix equal parts of sugar, honey and vaseline into a container. The picture shoes brown sugar, but I use white sugar (I find it more coarse and effective). Rub this on your lips until it feels smoother and then wash it off and apply a hydrating lip balm. 

Other Tips to Avoid/Treat Dry Winter Skin:
  • Always dress appropriately to the weather. Not only will it prevent you from getting sick, but it'll prevent any access dryness
  • Avoid scalding hot showers. Yes you feel so wonderfully warm but it'll dry your skin very quickly. And you also regret it when you get out of the shower and you feel that naked draft. 
  • Patches of dry skin? When I'm along my period, I get these horrible patches of dry skin around my chin, mouth or nose. Before you go to bed, apply a thick amount of serum (or creme) to the dry patches. Then put a small layer of vaseline (or any petroleum jelly that wont break you out) on top of the serum/creme. This locks in the moisture while you sleep. When you wake up, clean your face and see the noticeable difference! 
  • Keep hand lotion....on hand. If you're a frequent hand washer or don't like wearing gloves, you'll notice how dry your hands can get. It can feel pretty unpleasant but also increases the wrinkle process on your hands (when you see older women complain about their hands looking older than their face). Having one of those mini hand lotions in your bag is always more beneficial in the winter. 
  • Dehydrated skin doesn't mean dry skin. People with oily skin can still have dehydrated skin and people with dry skin as well. A sign of skin dehydration are lines underneath your eyes. So drink lots of water and/or focus on a creme/serum with hydration properties. 

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