Thursday, December 27, 2012

All Black Everything

HANDS DOWN, this has got to be my favorite outfit I've ever worn. 
I got the chance to get all dolled up, when the girls and I made our way to the Friday Night Live ROM. (Which is a party they throw at the Toronto museum) We actually got to sip cocktails while looking at exhibits then shook our booties around old artifacts (not really).

There was no dress code identified on the event, so when in doubt: All Black Everything. 
An all black outfit always looks chic and fashionable (with no real effort) and it's hard to define if you're overdressed or not. But in my opinon, go fashionably over-dressed if you're unsure of the dress code. You'll just look more fabulous than others than awkwardly out of place. 

I mentioned this faux leather skirt in a Friday Favorites, and even though it's a size larger (than I order) it was actually a bit too tight! I could barely breathe but it really emphasized my waist. The pleating in this skirt was also perfect. 

I was unsure over which top to wear, so I tried on about 4 black body suits and narrowed it down to these two:
I love (and have never worn) the one with the sheer sleeves, but I felt too over done (and too many textures). I think if it was a bigger night time event it would've been perfect. The one I'm wearing on the right is my basic body suit, and it is such a staple (I recommend everyone to own one). The only downfall was how sheer it is, and how my red bra pops (when taken with flash). I actually had to edit the red out.  

I'm also in LOVE LOVE LOVE with this belt, I received so many compliments on it! And the combination with this skirt was just too perfect. 

(here is a random photo of the scooped back)
**Also, excuse the crazy curls...the wind was not friendly that night.**

Outfit Details:
Black 3/4 sleeved body suit - ASOS Curve
Faux leather skater skirt - (Inspire)
Sheer black tights - ASOS Curve
Riding boots -
Arrow necklace - ASOS
Oui/Non belt - ASOS Curve


  1. you are PERFECT


    1. bahhhhh ^.^ thank you :D (seriously, it means so much to me coming from you)

  2. Love it michelle!! You look glam!! I wish my blog looked as good as yours does