Saturday, July 14, 2012

DIY Ombre Denim Shorts

I'm so happy that I finally got a chance to make these, I thought it was something I put off all summer. I've always loved everyone else's DIY ombre shorts but was too scared they would be too flashy for me, but what the hell right?! 

The tutorial I used is from Wild Flower's Blog. She also shows how she studs them in the cutest and safest way :) 

The shorts I used are thrifted and were originally jeans. I decided to cut them into cut offs instead of cuffing them. I forgot to take pictures of this process, but it was also my first time so it took me a few tries to slowly cut off inch by inch to make it the perfect length. 

To prep for the ombreing, I got an old (clean) bucket and poured 3/4 bottle of Clorox bleach and filled it tap water to raise it. I don't think you need to make exact measurements, you just have to watch it carefully to watch the bleaching. If you can, do this outside because the fumes can be horrendous.

So I just dunked them in and figured out how high I wanted them to bleach. I set alarms on my phone to check on them every 15 mins and I believe I left them in there for a total of 50 mins?

I did try and bleach the very bottom more to get a full ombre effect, but I forgot the bleach on the top is still processing even though its not directly in the bleach. 

Copper knows to stay away from the stinky bleach :)

After I was satisfied with the coloring, I filled my sink with 1/2 white vinegar and 1/2 water and soaked the shorts in there. It apparently stops the bleaching process, I wouldn't skip this step. I left the shorts in there for 10 mins max. 

I threw the shorts into the washer right after (then dried them) and this is how it came out! I didn't want it to be so white, so next time I'll definitely leave them in for only 30 mins. I really love how the back came out as well. 

I also realized the shorts are too big, I'm pretty bad at picking out sizes at thrift stores (they even had the same pair in one size smaller). I think this is a trial pair, even though I can still wear them out. I also want to experiment with studding them as well :D 

Making these shorts were also super cheap, the price of the jeans and bleach came up to $6 :D 
I've been a DIY manic lately, so see you guys in the next one!


P.S. You can buy a pair of DIY-ed ombre shorts at our shop!

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