Thursday, November 15, 2012

How Amanda Styles Doc Martens (Part One)

Hey! This is my first post on how I style my Doc Martens, as part of our mini-series. You can check out Michelle's first look with her classic black Docs here.

Ah, Michelle and I finally have a chance to show off our Docs. We only promised to do this post in September, so no big deal...  I have to start off by explaining that I've had an obsession with owning floral Docs for years. In fact, I even included a variation of them on an earlier Friday Favourites post. I was planning to save up and really earn them, until I was at the CNE with my cousins, and saw a vendor at the shopping building selling them for like $80. I was impressed with (and only slightly frightened by) how fast I whipped out my debit card.

Since their pattern is so prominent, I like to style these boots with staple pieces in neutral colours, like my trusty black skinny jeans and this lovely knit sweater I bought at The Bay. I also love pairing these babies (is it weird to refer to them as children?) with cotton dresses, or on my really *hardcore* days, denim shorts. Personally, I like to keep patterns elsewhere to a minimum to let the boots really be a focal point. What would you style these boots with? 

Just a note - I've always loved the look of Docs, and clunky combat boots in general, but I've been quite hesitant in the past to buy them or wear them as often as I want. I felt they made my feet look bigger, and more generally that I wasn't "cute enough" or "petite enough" to pull them off. However, don't let this defer you! The older I get, the more I realize a) the way your perceive yourself hardly ever lines up with how others perceive you, and more importantly b) as long as you like what you're wearing and how you look, that's what gets projected to others anyways.

Also, hurray for chunky scarves and chunky rings! And a pro-tip, when wearing circle scarves like this, it's best to tie your hair up or keep it to the side, so as to avoid the bearded look (I should have taken my own advice!). 

Today is Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday. And you know what that means. I get to stay in and watch movies on the Women's Network. But first I'll need to buy more mini-marshmallows for my hot chocolate. One more day of relative productivity to go!



(P.S. Check back next week for our second installment - I know the suspense is killing you!)

Outfit Details:

Circle Scarf - Little Burgundy
Cream Knit Sweater - The Bay
White Tank Top - H&M
Black Jeans - H&M
Doc Martens - vendor at the CNE
Bird Necklace - Forever 21
Large Gem Ring - H&M
Emerald Ring - gift on 18th birthday

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