Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How Michelle Styles Doc Martens (Part One)

Welcome to our mini series: How Michelle/Amanda Styles Doc Martens

Amanda and I have collected a few pairs of Doc martens over the years and we decided to bring a series of posts showing how we like to style them!
**Of course there are a million ways to wear docs, so we are just showcasing how we spin our style on the classic 1460 Doc Marten boot (in all different colors). 

The first outfit I've chosen, I wants to show how to soften the look of Doc Martens. You don't always need leather and spikes to pull off these type of shoes. I decided to paired it when my classic matte black docs. 

Nothing says soft and cozy like a cable knit sweater! The soft material is a real contrast to my black heavy boots, but still pulls the look together. I had to keep going with this winter knit theme with the mittens and wool socks. You can still curl up beside a fire place with hot cocoa, even in Docs (if anything you'll be even warmer!)

Michelle's (Doc Marten) Tips:
- If you have black docs, match them with black pants or leggings and they'll elongate your legs!
- Play around with having your docs laced up all the way or loosely laced, they really make a difference to your look
- Don't attach yourself to what looks good WITH your docs, but throw them into any outfit to see how they look. It'll broaden your range and you'll get more wear out of them. 

Outfit Details:
Sweater - H&M (L)
Leggings - Forever21+ (2XL)
Socks (H&M)
Black Doc Martens - CNE (The Ex Fair)
Mittens - H&M

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