Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Favourites - November, 2, 2012

It's November! Ahhhhh. Where has the time gone! (the girl blogged for about the millionth time). Isn't that one of the easiest conversation starters. You know, it goes...

"What day is it today?"
"Oh it's November 2nd."
"Wow! Can't believe how fast time goes!"
"I know, right!"

While you marvel at my conversational prowess, here's a list of things catching my eye this week.
Scratch-Off World Map (via Urban Outfitters)
This map makes me simultaneously very happy and very sad. Happy because - dude - it's a scratch-off world map with surprise rainbow colours underneath. Sad because, while Canada and the USA are a good chunk off, there's still so much left! I think having this on my wall would encourage actual money saving, as opposed to saving for two weeks, buying a new outfit, saving for two weeks, have a Starbucks binge, and so on.

 Distinctive Style Cape (via ModCloth)
I don't know if I'm dignified and Parisian enough to pull off a cape. But oh man, do I ever want to try. I feel like this basic black cape would go great with a simple dress and patterned tights. Better get on buying those too. 

Michelle, Tobi, and I are getting together for some wholesome baking/bitching this weekend, and I just found the perfect recipe to satisfy the baking portion of the evening. Mmm, carbohydrates.

 Hunter Green Nail Lacquer (via American Apparel)
When I'm not being lazy and giving up on looking awake and competent, I like to paint my nails fun colours. My collection is largely comprised of polishes I bought pre-2009 when I still thought I'd get a lot of wear out of bright yellow. Regardless, I'm really liking darker tones for Fall (groundbreaking, I know). If I can get over paying $9.00 for nail polish, this beautiful shade from AA shall likely be my next.

 This Baby Giraffe
I know this doesn't make much sense, but giraffes are my favourite animals, and it's just looking at you like - Oh hey, I'm a giraffe. I'm going to make you melt with how wholesome and darling I look. 

Happy Weekend! We get to turn back our clocks an hour this weekend - can you say par-tay. What are you doing this weekend?

Tiredly yours,

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  1. I love the scratch off map and I kinda need one! I am going to look for one.