Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! (Plus size costume)

This year I decided recycle my costume from last year and go as Little Red Riding Hood again. However, the zipper broke last year so I made a coset back instead! Now it's much more comfortable and still looks great. 

I am no where close to a professional seamstress! But with the gift of the internet, I was able to look up tons of blog tutorials on how to add a corset to a dress. Check this one out

I was also extremely lucky that all the pieces I needed were available at Fabricland. That way I didn't need to make the piping or anything! 
The end result was great, not perfect however. But since I'd be wearing it to a dark party and also under a red cape, it was passable. 

I feel like there aren't many plus size costumes with a large size range. So I think the next time I see a costume that is a size too small, I'll just add a corset!

Here are pictures of how it all turned out! 
Left: My boyfriend as the Big Bad Wolf (this was my first couples costume!)
Right: My brother's girlfriend, Teresa as Jasmine. She made her costume (and my brother's Aladdin costume) all by hand! 

I also paired the dress with a fluffy white petticoat (I wish there were more reasons to wear one). Since I didn't want to wear tights, I wore some thigh high socks with red bows, along with garters. 

You also can't have Halloween without a black smokey eye and thick-ass lashes! 

Have a sexy and freaky Halloween everyone!


and here is a photo of my pup as a submarine! 

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