Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Favourites - June 29, 2012

Wonder Woman Bikini (via meshalo on Etsy)
I'm trying to convince myself that I really do need a new bikini. A new bikini that makes me look like a superhero. I mean, it's an investment piece, a staple I can wear for years to come. 

I was so excited to stumble across this bikini when scouring Etsy for '40s inspired bathing suits. I'm really self-conscious about my hips and butt, and figured a higher-waisted bottom would be more flattering. 

I'm a sucker for brownies. And frosting. And the colour red. I saw these babies floating around on Tumblr a few weeks ago, and I've been saving them up for Canada Day weekend. I will share pictures if I remember to before the devouring begins.

I spent many afternoons reading Quiet on my commute home and I'd have to say it's one of the most positive pieces of non-fiction, research-based literature I've dealt with in a while. Written by a proud introvert, the book follows author Cain's research trail and debunks the idea that introverted people are somehow broken, anti-social, not as intelligent, and so forth. It also celebrates the success of many famous introverts, including Rosa Parks and Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak. The writing itself isn't over-technical and is geared toward a popular audience.

As a decidedly introverted person, I included the book because it reaffirmed the idea that just because it feels like I'm less-than for not excelling at things like networking or small-talk doesn't mean I am. I guess it gave me that whole "you're not alone" feeling, and I figure someone else might get that vibe, too.

Girly Lace Ankle Sock (via American Apparel)
I can't get over how cute these socks look with Mary-Janes or platform heels. If AA is out of your price range, I'd ask Michelle, she has her finger on everything that is pageant, honey boo boo child.

This is my favourite lazy part of my rather lazy summer make-up routine. On days when I'm feeling classy, I usually add a powder on top. The SPF 30 makes me feel like my skin will look decent at least until wrinkles begin ravaging my face. I wear the fair to light shade.

Matching Hooded, Footed Onesies (via JamminJammerz)

My boyfriend and I are desperately trying to find an excuse to buy a set of matching onesies. I think now we're saying we deserve them for our upcoming month-iversary. (I know, I hate me too.) We're leaning towards the rubber ducky theme now. 

I'm sorry, but this badboy has a pocket for your iPhone. Does anyone know what this means?! I can write work emails while encased in fleece and cartoon birds. Minimum wage never looked so appealing.

If anyone sees Canada this weekend, wish her a happy 145th for me. (Re: Jokes that follow three days of major sleep deprivation.)

Patriotically yours,

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DIY Dress Fail

I scored a bunch of awesome things at my local thrift store when they had a 50% off day. I found this dress a few days before but walked away from it. Luckily it was still there when I went back and got it half off :D

Of course I wanted to have it shortened (I just don't do long skirts lol). There were also shoulder pads that could be easily removed. This is probably my 3rd time shortening a dress/skirt? And I still have a hard time with measuring it so it can still be hemmed but not be too short.

 Shoulder pads are usually attached by just one seam on each side so it's super easy to snip off. And with the leftover pads you can make some nifty beds for homeless mice :) 
I used my rotary cutter to cut off the bottom (I scratched the coffee table SSHHH! don't tell my brother!)
As I was trying to measure, I decided to take a shortcut and NOT measure with a measuring tape and just eyeball the length by the buttons in the middle. NEVER EVER DO THIS. Always measure twice before cutting and take in details like YOUR BUTT (and the hem line). I forgot that your butt lifts the length. So not only did I make it too short, the back is much shorter because of my bodonka donk. I also can't hem it because that would make it even shorter

I'm pretty sad that I kind of screwed up this dress since it's so hard for me to find thrifted dresses that fit me. It's still wearable as long as I don't bend over in public :P I love the fit of it so much I'll still try to use it as much as I can.

*I decided to wear it to the grocery store and it was fine :) a little scary in the wind but not that bad (I wear shorts underneath just in case). I felt really mature in it though with my bun :D

So take this post as a lesson learned and never rush when DIYing! 


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blue Skies Over Badlands

This necklace proves that impulse shopping leads to great things. It's the most expensive jewelery I've ever bought from Forever 21, however I only realized how much it cost after I hit purchase. I ended up loving it and it made for great pictures.

Lesson? BUY BUY BUY. And think later.

I wore this outfit to volunteer at my research job downtown which requires me to dress up (no jeans, running shoes, etc.), so I usually pull together some kind of cute shirt, skirt, flats combo. I've owned the skirt for a few years now, and it's made its way to staple status in my wardrobe, largely in part due to its having pockets. I really aim high.

Despite the fun I've had putting together outfits for the blog so far, I often rant about my hate for summer - particularly the fact that you can't layer. You put on a skirt and a top and... that's it. Where are the scarves! The legwarmers! The cardigans! Sigh. If anyone needs me, I'll be in a field somewhere waiting for The Great Pumpkin. 

Begrudgingly yours,

Outfit Details:
Necklace - Forever 21
Top - Winners
Skirt - H&M (2009)
Flats - Forever 21

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Things to Try (Boots & Arms)

This outfit definitely takes the insecurity cake! I threw this outfit together last minute after destroying my room looking for something to wear. There are a few elements of this outfit I would have never done before, but hey you gotta try new things right?? 
This is my first sleeveless post ever, I've never even done this on any of my OOTD videos on my YouTube. I have a difficult relationship with my arms but it's actually quite liberating so I'll definitely be doing it again. The boots are also quite random, I know it's not usually suggested for thick legs like mine to wear boots bare legged. Oh well, I thought it looked particularly BADASS :P 

I am loving my accessories in this outfit though. The necklace was hiding in my jewelry holder because I bought it a year ago and never touched it.

Outfit Details
Striped Cropped Tank Top - American Apparel
Denim Vest - Forever21+
Grey Skater Skirt - H&M
Black Boots - Nine West
Spike Necklace - Forever21
Cross Ring - eBay
Cross Earrings - Forever21


Friday, June 22, 2012

Michelle's Friday Favorites 06.22.12

Amanda and I have decided to start Friday Favorites where we take turns showing our current wishlists. We're going to do our own list every other friday so it doesn't get cluttered with too many posts. So here I go!

I've been debating on this number for months now. I really want a sweet romantic dress but I'm not the one to wear pink :S Do you think I could pull off this softer style? Too bad I couldn't decide last week because it was 20% off!
 I was in love with this dress and it's on sale! Sadly it's out of stock in my size now but I still wanted to add it to the wishlist :) It wouldve been perfect to wear at my cousins summer wedding. I love the lacey bodice 

This is one of those salt water sprays that helps give your hair the "beach hair" look. I really wanted it in Florida to help style my hair because the humidity was gives me no options to style my hair. The price tag is a bit high, so I'm still willing to look for a cheaper dupe.
I'm also looking for a new moisturizer/sunscreen that isn't super heavy on my already oily face. I really like the texture of this one (and the original one).
I know so many companies are coming out with their own BB creams but I've been most intrigued  by this one because they actually come in a range of colors. I think I'm more interested in a light coverage foundation than the benefits of a BB cream :P

Stay tuned for Amanda's list next week!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Amanda's Mending Box - Dress Hemming Time!

This is my mending box. I keep this box in my room full of all my clothes that got lost along the way. Forever 21 dresses that fall apart after two washes, pantyhose with holes at the toes (stupid size 10 feet), and things I find shopping with potential to fix eventually.

My latest project was this beauty I found shopping with Michelle and Tobi at Black Market on Queen Street in Toronto.

I loved the button-down front and the stitching of the high-waist. My friends also told me it was somewhat of a departure from my usual colourful/printed palette. I wouldn't have minded it if it was maxi-length, but cutting me off mid-calf made it reallyyyy unflattering. One of my favourite things about thrifting is being able to modify clothing to my body. Having hips and thighs means every skirt/dress I own rides up a few inches, making dressing for summer an uncomfortable affair. Now I get to customize the skirt length and style.

The first step was to put the dress on and decide where I wanted it to fall - just below the last button. Next, I took the dress off and lay it on a flat surface. Using my measuring tape, I lay out an approximately straight line. Since I didn't have a fabric pen, I used a concealer pencil to draw a line to cut above. 

The hem came out like I hoped - with the back slightly longer than the front. The messy lines weren't an issue since hemming came next. I folded the edges of the hem to create a smooth, even line and used pins to hold it in place.

Then came the fun part. Since I'm still learning to use my sewing machine, I thought it best to hem the skirt by hand. I use a really simple method my Mom taught me. Turning the dress inside out, I cut a long piece of thread, and tie a knot at one end. I then move the needle under the fabric about 2cm and pull the thread through. Then, I pull the needle back, into the fabric where I entered the first time, only to pull the needle out about 4cm after, ultimately creating a loop. I guess a good analogy would be two steps forward, one step back. After watching a few hours of TLC, it was finally done.

You can see how it looked here.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Dressing Up to Take Pictures in Your Backyard

Please excuse the awkward mini-photoshoot. I just finished hemming a dress to a length that doesn't make me look like a forest troll, and I couldn't wait to show it off, meaning I had my point-and-shoot camera perched on my barbeque. 

I'm in love with the simplicity of the colours, pattern, and silhouette of the dress. I'm a major sucker for wearing big prints, sparkles, and giant-winged eyeliner. I admittedly sometimes don't know where to stop, so seeing myself like this makes me feel more mature, or dare I say, like a lady.

Since it's still a bit big, I paired the dress with a simple camel-coloured belt to cinch in the waist. I also added my grey, laced booties which I love but don't seem to wear enough. Being 5'7", I feel like adding heels will officially make me tall enough for people to look at me because I'm tall. Also, running after a bus carrying two bags, in the heat, and in heels will make catching buses an even more elaborate affair. I guess you could say I'm just neurotic enough to be charming.


Look for a post about the sewing part in a couple of days. 

Outfit Details:
Dress - Thrifted (Black Market)
Belt - Forever 21 (part of another dress)
Shoes - Gap
Sunglasses - Marc Jacobs

My First DIY Tank Tops

Lately I've been getting back into DIY and crafting. I have a lot of down time now so I'm always really bored at home which results in either online shopping or eating. So I decided to pick up some projects in the mean time. 

I picked up a few men's shirts from my local thrift shop and decided to make them into tank tops because for some reason I can't find any thick strapped tank tops in my size :S This isn't going to be a tutorial because I got the techniques from a YouTube video. So this is just going to be a run through of how I did. 

 I started off with a nautical looking tshirt (what else?) and cut off the neck with a rotary cutter (you can get them at michaels, so handy with cutting fabric!)

I folded the shirt through the middle to make the the front of the neckline lower. So I just made a deeper "U" in the front.

Then I just cut off the sleeves (the rotary cutter is amazing for this) and I left 3/4 inch than I wanted for hemming. I'm still really bad at hemming though so I decided to use Fabric Fusion tape to hem just the edges of the sleeves. 

This is how it turned out in the end, so far I don't know how it'll end up after I wash it. I really love it though :D Here's the video I used to make the tank top :)

And here are the 2 DIY tank tops I have so far. Hoped you guys enjoyed the post and I hope to have some more DIY's coming!