Friday, June 15, 2012

An Overall Great Outfit

So punny. I can't help myself!

Some days, I pull things together and I can't tell if I look cute because I'm dressing on trend, or because I look like a four year old boy whose slightly gender confused. The result of which was overalls and heart-patterned pantyhose.

I do this thing a lot when thrifting where I pull some strange garment from deep within the racks and hold it out in front of me and ask myself "can you really pull of shoulder pads?", "are you thin enough to wear something this tight?", etc. But, in spirit of the blog, I keep reminding myself I can wear whatever I want as long as I think I look awesome in it. Or if this whatever-I-want has, like, 15 pockets. I'll never need a purse again!

And because I'm really bad at posing (the outtakes of this shoot will haunt me for weeks), and since I felt like a prepubescent boy, I thought it most appropriate to go exploring. Next to a sewer. Next to a condo.

Since deciding to start up the blog, I've realized that I've been really off my accessory game lately, so when I saw this jade ring at H&M while shopping last week, I knew I needed to give it a home on my left middle finger.

(If anyone asks, the run in my pantyhose is totally on purpose, and not because I get caught on door frames and sit on pavement and stuff.)


Outfit Details:
Overalls - Thrifted, Black Market
T-Shirt - Thrifted, Value Village (originally Forever 21)
Stockings - American Apparel
Shoes - Chucks (old faithfuls since I was 16)
Ring (jade) - H&M 
Ring (peace signs) - Street Vendor on Queen West
Earrings - Forever 21

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