Monday, June 18, 2012

Dressing Up to Take Pictures in Your Backyard

Please excuse the awkward mini-photoshoot. I just finished hemming a dress to a length that doesn't make me look like a forest troll, and I couldn't wait to show it off, meaning I had my point-and-shoot camera perched on my barbeque. 

I'm in love with the simplicity of the colours, pattern, and silhouette of the dress. I'm a major sucker for wearing big prints, sparkles, and giant-winged eyeliner. I admittedly sometimes don't know where to stop, so seeing myself like this makes me feel more mature, or dare I say, like a lady.

Since it's still a bit big, I paired the dress with a simple camel-coloured belt to cinch in the waist. I also added my grey, laced booties which I love but don't seem to wear enough. Being 5'7", I feel like adding heels will officially make me tall enough for people to look at me because I'm tall. Also, running after a bus carrying two bags, in the heat, and in heels will make catching buses an even more elaborate affair. I guess you could say I'm just neurotic enough to be charming.


Look for a post about the sewing part in a couple of days. 

Outfit Details:
Dress - Thrifted (Black Market)
Belt - Forever 21 (part of another dress)
Shoes - Gap
Sunglasses - Marc Jacobs

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