Saturday, June 9, 2012

Michelle - Simply Nautical

Ahoy there! To my old followers on youtube/tumblr or some lovely new ones! For my first outfit-of-the-day, I thought I could bring what I love most and represent on this blog; anything nautical :)
I guarantee you that the next few outfits posts from me will look extremely awkward because I am NOT used to posing for self portraits at all. I'm new to the plus size fashion world but I'm taking it by storm by wearing what I like and trying to love my body day-to-day.

Here I am wearing a basic nautical themed outfit. My view on maritime themed clothing can be broad but I love navy blue, stripes and anchors! I'm also wearing extensions, so you may have to get used to seeing me with all different lengths of hair :)

Outfit Details:
Wide neck striped t-shirt - Forever21+ (2xl)
Navy blue A-line skirt - Thrifted (1xl)
Black canvas shoes - Toms
Navy blue hair bow - Forever21
Black cord and gold anchor bracelet -

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