Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Things to Try (Boots & Arms)

This outfit definitely takes the insecurity cake! I threw this outfit together last minute after destroying my room looking for something to wear. There are a few elements of this outfit I would have never done before, but hey you gotta try new things right?? 
This is my first sleeveless post ever, I've never even done this on any of my OOTD videos on my YouTube. I have a difficult relationship with my arms but it's actually quite liberating so I'll definitely be doing it again. The boots are also quite random, I know it's not usually suggested for thick legs like mine to wear boots bare legged. Oh well, I thought it looked particularly BADASS :P 

I am loving my accessories in this outfit though. The necklace was hiding in my jewelry holder because I bought it a year ago and never touched it.

Outfit Details
Striped Cropped Tank Top - American Apparel
Denim Vest - Forever21+
Grey Skater Skirt - H&M
Black Boots - Nine West
Spike Necklace - Forever21
Cross Ring - eBay
Cross Earrings - Forever21


1 comment:

  1. As a big girl myself, I totally understand the insecurities you feel when it comes to wearing sleeveless anything! But this outfit is super cute and you look amazing (: And those boots actually go really well with that outfit! Keep more of your ootds coming (: