Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Favourites - June 29, 2012

Wonder Woman Bikini (via meshalo on Etsy)
I'm trying to convince myself that I really do need a new bikini. A new bikini that makes me look like a superhero. I mean, it's an investment piece, a staple I can wear for years to come. 

I was so excited to stumble across this bikini when scouring Etsy for '40s inspired bathing suits. I'm really self-conscious about my hips and butt, and figured a higher-waisted bottom would be more flattering. 

I'm a sucker for brownies. And frosting. And the colour red. I saw these babies floating around on Tumblr a few weeks ago, and I've been saving them up for Canada Day weekend. I will share pictures if I remember to before the devouring begins.

I spent many afternoons reading Quiet on my commute home and I'd have to say it's one of the most positive pieces of non-fiction, research-based literature I've dealt with in a while. Written by a proud introvert, the book follows author Cain's research trail and debunks the idea that introverted people are somehow broken, anti-social, not as intelligent, and so forth. It also celebrates the success of many famous introverts, including Rosa Parks and Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak. The writing itself isn't over-technical and is geared toward a popular audience.

As a decidedly introverted person, I included the book because it reaffirmed the idea that just because it feels like I'm less-than for not excelling at things like networking or small-talk doesn't mean I am. I guess it gave me that whole "you're not alone" feeling, and I figure someone else might get that vibe, too.

Girly Lace Ankle Sock (via American Apparel)
I can't get over how cute these socks look with Mary-Janes or platform heels. If AA is out of your price range, I'd ask Michelle, she has her finger on everything that is pageant, honey boo boo child.

This is my favourite lazy part of my rather lazy summer make-up routine. On days when I'm feeling classy, I usually add a powder on top. The SPF 30 makes me feel like my skin will look decent at least until wrinkles begin ravaging my face. I wear the fair to light shade.

Matching Hooded, Footed Onesies (via JamminJammerz)

My boyfriend and I are desperately trying to find an excuse to buy a set of matching onesies. I think now we're saying we deserve them for our upcoming month-iversary. (I know, I hate me too.) We're leaning towards the rubber ducky theme now. 

I'm sorry, but this badboy has a pocket for your iPhone. Does anyone know what this means?! I can write work emails while encased in fleece and cartoon birds. Minimum wage never looked so appealing.

If anyone sees Canada this weekend, wish her a happy 145th for me. (Re: Jokes that follow three days of major sleep deprivation.)

Patriotically yours,

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  1. Buy the bathing suit! Your hips and butt are FLAWLESS. Stop being so modest.