Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Favorites - November 9, 2012

Cable Knit Sweaters (GMarket)

Of course with autumn rolling by and winter coming up, knitted sweaters are always the best options. Not only are they adorable, but extremely warm. I enjoy the cable knit sweaters because they add enough detail to make the outfit. Wearing them with leggings or jeans is simple but still effective. The shoe options are also endless: boots, booties, loafers and uggs. 

These sweaters are specifically from gmarket, an affordable site to order tons of different styles of sweaters. The only problem is navigating the site and the hundreds of styles they have (and also that half of the site is in Korean)

Dior Airflash Foundation 301 - Sephora, Shoppers Drugmart etc

Dior Airflash is a foundation in an areosol can. It shoots out a soft mist of foundation that creates a build-able light to medium coverage. You can apply it straight from the bottle (to your face) or spray it on a brush or sponge! 

 I've actually owned this foundation for years and I'm always on/off about it. I'll use it for a few months  and love it, then put it away and forget about it. Its a great combination of liquid and powder, so I don't need to set it after I've applied it. That's what makes it my favorite this week because it is extremely quick and efficient! I had 3 tests this week and the last thing on my mind if a full application of liquid, powder and concealer. This foundation is so build-able that it can actually act as all three! 

I apply it by doing a quick mist over my face and blend it with my ELF powder brush (a stiff flat top brush). Then I add more foundation to needed areas but spraying it directly onto the brush and dabbing/blending it over my face. 

The only reason why I don't use it more often (year round) is because their shade selection (in this foundation) is so limited. I can only wear this shade in the colder months when I lost my tan, and the next shade up is too dark. 
Faux Leather Skater Skirt -

I've been dying to get this skirt! The skater cut is my favorite type of skirt, and its combination with leather makes me squeal! I feel like it represents my cutesy style with a dash of sass. 
It's also pretty affordable compared to some other ones I've found. But sadly I waited too long and it's no longer available in my size. I'm actually debating on the risk to get the next size up but the only thing holding me back are the non-existent occasions to wear them too.  

Back Zip Riding Boots - Lane Bryant

I think the biggest thing for me this fall has been tall boots, especially paired with tall socks/legwamers. As you can see from my last OOTD, they really add a cozy touch but doesn't dress down the outfit. 
These boots I picked up from because we don't have the retail store in Canada (yet?). The price is definitely different from what I'm used to paying but I can feel the difference with it comes to the quality and comfort. And, of course the reason why these are great are the wide calf fit! Tall boots can be just a dream to plus size girls like me, luckily there are companies that make proper wide calf boots like this one! 

**If you are having trouble finding wide calf boots in your price range, I suggest searching eBay. I made a conscious effort to search eBay weekly for new or pre-owned wide calf boots. I've actually found a pair (half the price of the LB ones), brand new and amazing fit/quality!**

Black Velvet and Mesh Tunic -

Last one, I swear! (I'm making up for all my missed FF). This is a tunic I spotted on DP's site a couple weeks ago, and there are five things I fell in love with:
1. The soft black velvet
2. The sweet heart neckline + mesh combo to make my tata's say "hello!"
3. The ruffled shoulders that gives such a sweet look
4. The fact it's a tunic, so it's the perfect dress length for little short me. 
5. It was in the sale section + additional 20% off! 
This dress definitely has the potential to be my birthday outfit next if only I had real plans for my birthday. 

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