Saturday, July 7, 2012

I Dream of Catching Denim

Michelle and I were bored and thought - Hey, let's take outfit pictures at night! It'll look so cool! And shortly thereafter, the mosquitoes took us alive, so please ignore the lack of variety in these photos. I also apologize to my neighbours who dealt with my shrieks after seeing a mosquito land on my hand - I don't do nature well.

A thrifting pro-tip that I swear by is taking the time to sift through the racks upon racks of t-shirt, particularly the men's section. While the majority are t-shirts from old fundraising events, and others don't seem like they should have ever been made, you'll find some gems, like some of Michelle's awesome finds, or this dream catcher t-shirt. It's a tourist shirt from Banff, Alberta (or so it says). I cut the high crew-neck, sleeves (not shown), and shortened the bottom.

Speaking of thrifting though, my greatest t-shirt find would be when I unearthed an enormous blue t-shirt that read "Herb's 90th Birthday!". Every time I wear it to do my stats homework or eat lunch, I feel like I'm raising a metaphorical glass to good ol' Herb. We hardly knew ya! Oh yeah, blog post.

I used to never wear bracelets, because I feel like they make me jangle when I all I want to do is type or make a sandwich. I've been trying it out again, though. My Aunt came to visit from the Middle East, and brought me a whole bunch of jewelry under the pretense - "I know you like strange and weird things, Amanda." I'm hoping there was a language barrier in there.

Strangely and/or weirdly yours,

Outfit Details:
Chambray Shirt - H&M
T-Shirt - Value Village (modified)
Shorts - Gap
Shoes - Soft Moc
Earrings - Pearls (H&M), Skulls (Etsy via lightenme)
Bracelets - Etsy (same shop as above), Value Village, Middle East


  1. Amanda, you are too cool for school. I love this site! I hope you stay funky and fresh and maybe even teach us a thing or two about style.


    your friend Tasha

    1. Aw, thanks Tasha. :) Hopefully see you soon around the lab!