Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sweet Sweet Sailor

I think you guys knew this was coming... a nautical inspired outfit (surprised?). Even though I love anything nautical, I still want to spread some diversity across my half of the blog. But I do have to get back to my roots and dress up as a sailor in an unconventional way. 

This is an outfit I would love to wear out because it's kind of sexy but also represents my cute style. Sadly, I put this on so I could take pictures with Amanda in her backyard. The most interaction we had was being buffet food for the swarm of mosquitos (and when a dragonfly bumped into me). But if my social life really was kickin', I would be rocking an outfit like this. 

The top I'm wearing is actually a crop top! It's a shirt that typically wouldn't fit me (but thank god for cotton right?) so I have to make it look like it's tucked into something. The cut of the tank top isn't what I'm usually comfortable with, but I will do anything for a sailor inspired top. 
The tights were definitely not needed for this outfit, but I'm still trying to experiment with layering (accessories) and not always going for the bare minimum. 

Outfit Details
Sailor Crop Top - Forever21 (Large)
Black Skater Skirt - ASOS Curve (UK22)
Mock Sock Tights - eBay (2XL)
Black Brogues - Forever21
Navy Hair Bow - American Apparel 

See you on the high seas!

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  1. This is so cute. Haha, I love your tights btw. ;P I have the same pair.