Sunday, January 6, 2013

Michelle's December Moments

Here's an overlook of some of my December Instagram photos :) 

1. sparkly burgundy nails to brighten exam week
2. another day at the library, with a cheerful cup of peppermint mocha
3. my last outfit of the school semester
4. bubble baths have been a saviour
5. my favorite of the month: old navy fox sweater
6. Lonestar's enchiladas
7. elf mineral lipsticks = new found (inexpensive) love
8. my building's xmas tree

9. beautifully wrapped birthday present from my brother, his girlfriend and my cousin
10. more nail boredom
11. me and le bf having some silly fun
12. kobo glo
13. more studying, more caffeine
14. my holy grails, short sorels 
15. moustache necklace from Tobi (for my birthday/xmas)
16. wrapping gifts > studying

17. brother's gf, cousin and my momma 
18. dessert creeper
19. my baby copper!
20. I can't get enough of christmas lights
21. birthday outfit at the AGO
22. butter chicken at Joey's
23. Toronto
24. cold morning dog walks in my PJs

25. food for Tobi's Xmas party 
26. H&M skull scarf
27. early morning in Collingwood
28. warm fuzzy and a kobo
29. my nephew and I in Blue Mountain
30. a baby snowman 
31. the village
32. me enjoying a sweet beaver tail!

and two more great memories:
1. my very first time skiing!
2. and our xmas gifts from Amanda

I hope everyone had a lovely december, stay tuned for Amandas January issue!

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