Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Favorite: Jan 25 2013

ASOS Curve Trench Coat/Newlook Trench Coat

I've always thought trench coats were so classy and elegant (very Holly Golightly) but I never thought I could ever pull one off. I would like to phase out so many leather jackets this spring with a short trench coat!

I found both of these on my favorite online sites (ASOS and Newlook). I'm definitely looking for a short one, I feel like very longs ones make me look even shorter. I would also like one with a fit and flare silhouette to enhance an hour glass figure. 
However the price between these two are pretty drastic, but I'm leaning towards the ASOS one. 

Black Suede Wedges/Black Chelsea Booties (Spring)

I picked up these two beauts from Spring Shoes (and on sale!)
Ever since I sprained my ankle (TWICE!) in heels a few years ago, I've avoided heels in fear. I was hoping to gradually being them back into my life by wearing smaller heels to smaller events, such as going out to dinner. I also really wanted these styles for a can never have too many black shoes!

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation (6.0)

I picked up this foundation about a month ago and I LOOOOVE IT! 
I wear a 6.0 and the coloring is beautiful on me. But what I love the most is the feel and coverage. This foundation definitely doesn't have the highest coverage but it feels really natural and doesnt look cakey. I've never been the type to want high coverage because I don't need my blemishes to be perfectly covered. So if you want something super smooth and soft, try this foundation! 

I've been using this shampoo and conditioner for two months now and I am so completely surprised and in love with it! 
I've been having a lot of problems with my hair such as: fallout and greasy scalp. I'm not 100% sure what the cause was, but after using these two I've had far less fall out and frequent grease (lol)
The greatest thing about this hair product? Its so affordable! You can find this brand at almost any drugstore and they go on sale as low as 4.99
This was great for my scalp and my wallet :)
and my nose! did I mention it makes my hair smell amazing?

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