Sunday, June 2, 2013

Thrifting Adventures

So, Value Village (Canadian thrift store) recently had a promotion where bringing in two bags of donation items meant receiving 30% off your entire purchase. I casually took this as an invitation to purge my closets and bookshelves spend a couple of hours sifting through the racks last week. And as always, my favourite part is showing off all my epic loot!
Mini Messenger-Style Bag
I almost missed this tiny, camel coloured leather bag amongst the massive backpacks, leather laptop bags from the 90s, and furry things. I love that it's so delicate and will go with anything - perfect for summer concerts or evenings out. It has a butt-load of pockets too which means plenty of organization. *excited giggle*

Micro-Serfs by Douglas Coupland
I read Coupland's JPod back in high school by recommendation of a friend and really enjoyed it. Reading the reviews for JPod and Micro-Serfs on Goodreads, however has me really intrigued, and I'm interested in comparing the stories, since the two have polarized so many of his fans.

The Fat Girl's Guide to Life by Wendy Shanker
I've heard a bunch of good and bad things about Shanker's novel floating around the internet. This will be my first read taking a more direct fat positive approach - lately it's been a lot of memoirs relating to mental illness - so I am excited to dive in.

Indigo Laptop Desk 
I'm just so proud that this is basically brand new and cost me $2.99 and Indigo sells comparable ones for ten time as much. Cue thrifter smug-ness.

Hand-Painted Face T-Shirt
I'm so excited break out my trust scissors and DIY this badboy for summer wear. It's so creepy and so wonderful.

Car/Train Print Tank-Top
The print is so cute, and since it's quite fitted, this tank is perfect to pair with solid-coloured, high-waisted skirts. 

Basic Black/Grey Striped H&M Tank
An easy basic that's a bit pricier than what I'd like to pay while thrifting, but it was H&M brand so I let it slide. 

Gold and Creme Teardrop Earrings 
I can't tell if these are all cool and vintage or just a pair someone donated from Aldo Accessories. Either way, I shall cherish and raise them as my own.

Happy Sunday! If you're bored, do this next.

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  1. I am never that lucky thrifting! Books are like gold in a thrift store!!!!