Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Favorite 08.24.12

Forever21+ Faded Chambray Shirt

I love love LOVE denim shirts, but I realized I don't have any darker wash ones. I'm not sure if it'll look too dark with my hair or skin but I want to wear it this fall with tall riding boots and aviators. 
 Doc Martens 1460 Classics - Black 

I've wanted these bad boys forever! I was planning to drop a whopping $159.99 plus tax on these beauts but luckily Amanda informed me that she got her coveted pair (These gorgeous black and floral canvas ones), at CNE's "The Ex" for only $90.
When I was there they were out of this style in women's and anything that remotely came close. There were a few that caught my eye but my heart was set on the classic boots that look adorable laced up with jeans. After sifting around for half an hour I found the last pair of men's boots in this style (buried under other boots), and they happened to be in my size! This time my big feet were a blessing. 
Amanda and I will be coming out with a "How We Style Docs" post since we've collected a few pairs now.

Custom Made Sailor Dress - Etsy's Clementiny Clothing 

It's hard for me to find nautical related clothing, but in plus size too? I came across this dress style on eBay and was dying to have it. Since they didn't have my size, I sent pictures of it to Kari, who runs an etsy shop called Clementiny Clothing. She makes custom orders, so was able to make this dress in my size in a month. 
Amanda and I were in Niagara Falls last weekend, so I decided to wear this dress before summer ended. I was very nervous about it since my brother kept teasing me on how "theatrical" it looked. Even though I got a lot of stares from people, I walked with my head high and felt so adorable in this dress. 

Stay confident and keep smiling. 


  1. You're looking adorable in that dress. ^_^
    I can't wait to see how you pair the docs! I have a pair of black ones myself. :p

    1. thanks girl :D I'll be awaiting fall to see the outfits you pair them with :D but I'm super jealous that you got yours thrifted!