Saturday, August 25, 2012

Just a Statement

This isn't really an outfit of the day post, but just a statement outfit leading into something I've wanted to write about. Let's start off with where I got this fabulous crop top. I stumbled on it after seeing some beautiful tumblr girls wearing it. It was made by Gisela Ramirez and you can pick it up HERE.

The meaning is pretty out there, FUCK "FLATTERING". A word constantly heard when it comes to picking out clothing. A word I used to hear in a negative way. This world limited me from wearing so many things. This isn't even just about plus size girls, it can relate to anyone. For me, it reminds me of: "you're too big to wear that dress" "someone of your size shouldn't be showing that much skin" "you can't wear bright colors or prints, it makes you look bigger" I'm sure that list could go on an on. 

Before I go on, let me break down this outfit a bit (for the sake that this is still a "style" blog). 
Since I've been craving autumn so badly I decided to throw in some fall pieces like my sheer black tights and my favorite black boots. My high waisted denim shorts did fit well with the crop top, but my only problem were the cuffs constantly falling. I did fix them the next day by sewing them up (I wish I thought of it before).

At a young age I was taught these "fashion rules" on how a young lady of my size should dress. It was never about modesty, but covering up the most "unflattering" parts of my body. I stayed far away from tank tops and strapless anything. Muffin tops were the greatest fashion sin and I had to change right away if any fat was bulging out of anywhere.
 These things start to ingrain into your head to a point you don't know why you follow them. Even though I got this shirt as a self esteem boost last year, I still didn't follow it's meaning. 

So the reason why I made this post is to pat myself on the back on the body postive changes I've made this year. Last summer I wouldn't wear anything above my elbow and I tried to wear sweaters or oversized tops all the time. I would pray for fall to come sooner so I wouldn't have to die in heat from the excessive clothing I was wearing. 

After a turn of events and following awesome body positive and plus size fashion blogs, I decided to do things differently this summer. My body didn't change at all to give me this confidence boost, but my attitude did. I started to realize that it's MY body and I shouldn't base my style on what people want/don't want to see. I can't make myself happy by just pleasing others :) I've made strides this summer by wearing tank tops, strapless dresses/tops and a two piece swimsuit. I know it doesn't sound much to others but I'm pretty damn proud of it.

I've actually enjoyed this summer because now I can dress comfortably to the weather :)

 Outfit Details
F*uck Flattering crop top - Gisela Ramirez 
High waisted denim shorts - Thrifted 
Sheer tights - ASOS Curve
Black combat boots - Nine West
Bracelets - Little Burgundy, Aldo
Lipstick - MAC Diva

Victory roll and burgundy lips!

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  1. You go, sista!!
    Hahaha really though, you're gorgeous!! Glad you're able to be more at peace with yourself =D It's insane people actually get offended about how someone ELSE looks! Strut your stuff, girl!