Friday, March 22, 2013

My Spring/Summer Wishlist

As you guys may have noticed, Amanda and I have been absent from the blog. School and life have caught up to us, and we haven't even been able to hang out with each other! We're both really excited for summer so we can dedicate more time to the blog.

But I've also been keeping a wish list for this spring and summer! So this will be a bit different from the usual Friday Favorites.


This is seriously #1 on my list! I had an ombre 2 years ago but I tried to DIY it and I damaged my hair so severely. I ended up having to chop my hair off after a few months. This time I'm going to do it right! (Professionally of course). I'm also thinking about keeping my front bangs this summer so I really love how the combo looks on Lea Michele. I'm trying really hard not to get it done before school ends (it will be my reward/motivation!)

#2 ASOS Curve Paisley Dress

I think I may have posted this on a FF, but I actually purchased it this time. I've never been into paisley print, but I've noticed it's making its way back in stores! I love the green color thats woven into the print.

This is on my wishlist because I'm so excited to wear it on the cruise vacation in August, and my brother's engagement party next month! This dress is also out of my comfort zone because I'm not used to wearing such a bold print. But this summer is all about stepping out for me!


I know this isn't a usual topic on our blog, but it is on my spring/summer wishlist! I would really like a new tattoo, but I'm still unsure of what and where. I've always loved flower tattoos with a strong outline and minimal coloring on the inside. I love these ones the most, the first one I found on tumblr and the second one is from katethisiswhatido. I love her blog and style! 

With my trip coming up, I've really been coveting this camera. It costs an arm and a leg though, so I'm slowly saving up!

#5 ASOS Curve One Shoulder Drape Dress

This dress is super simple, a fitten body con dress with a chiffon drape over it. I'm hoping I can choose which arm is exposed. Anyways, I'm excited to wear this to an upcoming summer wedding and on Captain's Night on the cruise. I think it would look amazing with tall black wedges and an ombre. 


I wanted this backpack in September (for school) but its not very convenient because of the lack of compartments. I did promise myself I would buy it this summer for when I travel. I think it would make me look like quite the backpacker (HA NOT REALLY)


Amanda, Tobi (Our other bff) and I have decided to finally plan something this summer, and booked a cottage vacation! In Ontario there are so many places that you can drive to and rent a cozy cottage and get away from everything. 

This picture isn't where we're staying (I just needed a visual for you guys), but we found a super cute cottage on a lake. This trip is what's motivating to get through the next 6 weeks of school. I can't wait to be laying out on a sunny dock with my best friends. We're all hoping for hot weather so we can bust out some really cute swimsuits! 


  1. I love my Nikon J1! All my photos are taken with it on my blog if you need some examples <3

    1. wow it takes amazing photos :O I really want to invest in one now!